Raja Beta 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Rahul discloses to Pankhudi that he cherishes Purva and can’t go out on a limb. Pankhudi says all arrangement relies upon your presentation and shows him once more. She says she will go to emergency clinic again and see whether the activity occurred or not. Ramesh asks what will you do? Pankhudi says she isn’t subject to bugs and ants and calls medical clinic to get some information about Vedant. She at that point discloses to Ramesh that Vedant won’t clinic today and approaches them to sit tight for her green sign. Gomti thumps on the entryway and gets some information about Purva. Vedant says she is resting? Gomti says her companion needs to converse with her about pregnancy. Vedant requests that her give his number. She goes. Vedant reveals to Purva that he needs to go for some earnest work and asks her not to tell anybody on the off chance that they come. He goes. Purva says I loathe you Rahul, more than previously.

Pankhudi goes to her lodge and sits. She calls security supervisor Ram Singh to her lodge. She takes out her wristband and keeps it in sack. Smash Singh comes there. Pankhudi requests that he come and tells that her arm ornament tumbles down yesterday and requests the CCTV record. Slam Singh gives the secret word. She requests the record about the guests. When he goes to get the record, she checks the recording and sees Purva taken to the OT. She grins cheerfully.

She says goodness, you had said that nothing occurred. She says you was oblivious on stretcher and Nurse taking the natural waste out. She says it will be fun now and calls Rahul, and gives green sign. Purva is dozing in her room. Rahul thumps on the entryway and calls her. Purva supposes whose voice is this? She opens the entryway and sees Rahul. She moves back, swoons and tumbles down on floor. Rahul grins and shuts the entryway. He strolls towards Purva, lifts her and takes her to bed. He says you are looking more wonderful than previously and says now my point is increasingly decided. He contacts her and says I need this sindoor, mangalsutra and sari wali Purva.

Vedant is feeling remorseful and sits outside the sanctuary. He supposes on the off chance that I have looked about the treatment, at that point would have discovered it. A kid comes there and requests that he spare him. Vedant gets some information about his name? kid says chotu. Vedant gives him all the cash which is in his pocket and requests that he request that his dad send him to class. Dadi comes there and says you would have accompanied me. She asks did anything occur with any case. Vedant looks dismal. Dadi requests that he determine what occurred with him. Vedant says a major mix-up occurred and I am apologizing. Dadi asks him not to atone, however gain from his error and proceed onward throughout everyday life. Vedant says I need to go to clinic. Dadi asks him not to take pressure and leaves. Vedant calls Purva, however Rahul is sitting at her bedside and gazing at her. He doesn’t pick his call. Vedant thinks Purva may rest.

Precap: Rahul reveals to Purva that Vedant got him pounded and caused him to leave city with the goal that he can’t arrive at their marriage scene.


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