Raja Beta 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Vedant if Purva woke up. He says yes. Pankhudi tells that she is going to Nani’s house as it is vacant after the renovation. Vedant says you said everything is fine. Pankhudi says everything is fine. Purva comes and tells her that she will not stay alone and shall stay with her here. Pankhudi asks if you don;t want me to become independent and says she wants to stay alone. Purva hugs her. Pankhudi hugs Vedant and thinks it is better to go far away you so that I don’t divert from topic. Sanju takes her to drop her. Vedant asks Purva to come. They come to the hospital. Vedant brings her to the paediatric ward and gives her a baby. He teacher her how to handle the baby and tells that such a way baby hears your heart beat. Purva gets touched and emotional. She gets teary eyes. Vedant says you got tears holding this baby, what will happen with our baby. Song plays rang teri reet ka….She asks if she wants baby girl or boy. Vedant says he wants a healthy baby. Purva says if we have a girl then she will leave us like Pankhudi left today. Vedant says even sons leave their house for education or work. They smile. Sanju asks her why she left home. Pankhudi says she don’t want to deviate from her aim. He says Papa is right, if you handle the hospital then nobody will miss Vedant. Pankhudi says yes, nobody will miss him.

Dadi asks Ramesh to make Manjula understand and tells that she is behaving badly with Vedant since she came to know about Purva’s pregnancy. Ramesh tells that Manjula is worried for Sanju. Dadi says Vedant will not do injustice with anyone. Pankhudi looks at Vedant and Purva’s pic and writes barbadi.

Purva comes home and tells Dadi that a lady was weaving socks for her baby. Dadi asks her to weave it for her baby. Purva asks her to teach it. Manjula says she has wool with her. Dadi thinks misunderstandings gets cleared soon. Manjula teaches her. Purva tells about her feelings when taking a baby. She asks about her feeling when she took Vedant. Manjula says Vedant was three months old. Purva asks how she felt when she took Sanju. Manjula says she felt good and happy when she took him. Purva asks if there is a difference between Vedant and Sanju. Manjula says there is a difference between force and responsibility. She says vedant was forcefully put in my lap. Purva says you differentiate so much between them and says Vedant loves you so much. Manjula says there is a difference between adopted and own’s kids. She says I can give my life for Sanju and take others’ life for Sanju.


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