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Sanju asking Vedant if he will raise hand on his father. Manjula says he is your elder brother. Sanju says I used to call him bhaiyya, but he misbehaved with my father. Gomti says relations are getting broken because of outsiders. Vedant asks Ramesh to apologize to Dadi. Ramesh says he will not apologize. Vedant says I will apologize to Dadi on your behalf being your son. Ramesh says you are not my son. Vedant says but I regard you as my father and is about to touch Dadi’s feet and apologize, when Ramesh stops him and says I agree to apologize to her, but will not accept you as my son. Ramesh touches her feet and apologizes. Dadi says a mother forgives her children, but the words injury will never be healed. She asks until when you have hatred in your heart. Ramesh says Babu ji made this gudadi lal as my son without asking me and that’s why he will have hatred for him always. Dadi asks him to return Purva’s money. Ramesh says sasural have right on bahu’s money. Vedant asks if he regards purva as his bahu and him as his son. Ramesh says never and puts the money on table. Vedant says I knew that you will do such a thing and that’s why I asked Vijay to take 5000 Rs just. He gives the money and says it is the rent. He tells Purva that she has earned 15000 Rs and gives the remaining money to her, angering Ramesh.

Gomti comes to room and closes the door. She tells Ramesh that Vedant is a step ahead of him. Ramesh says he will get Purva’s business closed and asks for her help. Gomti asks what?
Purva tells that they shall close the business. Vedant says Babu ji will not do anything as he is getting rent. He asks Dadi to sleep. Purva says she don’t want any more complication. Vedant says then how you will take care of nani and Pankhudi. He says he felt bad talking roughly to babu ji. Dadi says he did right. Vedant tells about the camp tomorrow. Gomti comes to the kitchen and says nobody can stop Purva’s shop from closing. She swaps the baking powder and sugar tags. Sumiti comes there and tells that she didn’t see want she has done. Gomti says I didn’t do anything.

Purva gets 3 cakes order. She does puja and lights the diya. Vedant comes and prays to God to give her success and whatever she wishes. Purva turns and looks at her. Vedant tells that he is leaving for camp. Purva says ok. Vedant says Dadi will tell Purva haina from Vedant haina. She says Vedant haina looks nice. He asks her to keep a bit of cake for him. Purva starts making cake and adds baking powder instead of sugar. Gomti thinks nobody can save her now.

The children get unwell after having the cakes. They are brought to the hospital. Dr. Rashmi asks the man who kept the party what actually happened? He tells that he had ordered cakes and other things. Purva tells Dadi that she got many orders of cake today. Purva asks why you didn’t adopt Vedant instead of giving him Ramesh’s name as father. Dadi says we thought our age is more and how many days they will be alive. She says Ramesh and Manjula were not having any children then. Vedant calls Purva and asks if she is working. Purva tells that she is working and got many orders. Vedant says I am happy that you are making your identity with your work. Purva thanks him for his support. Vedant says I deposited your thank you in my account. Inspector tells that man and his wife that they have to arrest them. The man and his wife tell that they made food at home, but they ordered cake online. Pankhudi hears them hearing pet pujan name, and tells that Purva can’t do this.

Inspector sends cake for lab tasting. Sanju is watching everything and feels pity on Purva infront of Pankhudi. He asks did you tell at home. Dadi checks the sugar and says it is baking powder. Purva checks and says how this can happen. Dadi says I will change the labels, tags. Sumiti smiles and thinks Gomti did this. She thinks I found out whose work is this and thinks don’t know where is the mishap happening. Ramesh is waiting for something to happen so that Vedant breaks down. Sanju calls Ramesh and tells that all kids got unwell eating Purva’s cake. Ramesh gets happy and says she will go to jail. He tells him something. Sanju says I will do as you said. Gomti asks what did Sanju say? Ramesh says both Purva and Vedant will go to jail. Purva says Vedant doesn’t know that his season 1 to go to jail has started.

Precap: Police arrests Purva and takes her. Dadi calls vedant and informs him. Inspector asks Purva to pray for the kids, and says if anything happens to them then she will get life imprisonment.

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