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Pankhudi calling Vedant and tells approximately Police approximately to arrest Purva. He asks about the children. Pankhudi says Dr Rashmi and Dr Sharma have treated them and they may be out of the threat. He says I’m able to come here. Pankhudi asks her to move domestic and be with Purva, as Police can attain there at any time. Police Inspector comes to Sanjeevani Sadan and asks approximately Purva. Purva says she is Purva. Inspector tells that he wants to go to the kitchen. He goes there and asks Constable to seal the kitchen. Purva asks why? Inspector tells approximately the children falling critical after having the cake made by way of her. Dadi remembers the labels were changed and attempts to persuade Inspector, however in vain. Inspector says they need to arrest Purva. Ramesh tells Dadi that he warned her usually, but they want to develop the snake. Dadi asks him to reflect consideration on their circle of relatives. Ramesh says so what and says she will be able to endure the punishment alone. Purva says something happened is my duty and asks Inspector to come. Dadi says you couldn’t take her. Inspector asks her to do their paintings else they ought to arrest her too. Dadi cries and tries to stop Purva. Purva asks her now not to get scared and says she has not carried out any longer any mistake and isn’t always scared. Inspector takes her. Dadi calls Vedant and informs him.

Sumiti tells Narendra that she noticed Gomti within the kitchen closing night and he or she had modified the labels. Narendra says he’s going to tell Amma. Sumiti stops him and asks if he is Popat. She says Gomti need to have completed on Ramesh’s orders. Narendra says then he shall be quiet. kids situation deteriorates within the health centre. docs try to treat the patients. Inspector takes Purva to Police station and asks her to wish that not anything shall manifest to any youngster else she can have existence imprisonment punishment.

Vedant talks to Dr Rashmi and asks her to be with DDrSharma and arrange something they need and tells that not anything shall take place to the kids. He comes home. Dadi hugs him and cries. He asks her to tell everything. Dadi tells the entirety. Vedant asks whilst did Purva stick the label? Ramesh says she has labelled our destiny terrible. Vedant says no longer now and asks Dadi to bear in mind. Dadi says she had stick the label on the boxes days again. Vedant says not anything passed off whilst she made three cakes the day past. He says someone modified the labels. Ramesh receives tensed. Sanju sees the patient’s parents worried and tells that Vedant will now not let whatever happen to youngsters as his spouse made those desserts. He says pet pujan became of his spouse. patients’ dad and mom tell that they may shift their youngsters to other health facility. Inspector information the declaration of Purva and he or she tells that she didn’t upload the baking powder intentionally. Inspector threatens her. Purva cries and says she is harmless. She says Dr. Vedant is my husband.

Sanju calls Ramesh and tells that he has performed his plan nicely and all dad and mom are taking their children from there and says if they all go away then who will factor finger at him. Ramesh says till one- kids die Purva will now not be punished, and says if youngsters live inside the health center then Vedant will shop them. Vedant calls his buddy DSP Soham and tells him about Purva. He asks him not to allow her visit Lock up. DSP Soham tells that he can forestall her from going to fasten up until the lap reviews come. Vedant calls Dr. Rashmi and asks her to forestall the sufferers’ parents discharging them and shifting to the different health center. Rashmi asks Pankhudi to prevent patients’ discharge. DSP Soham calls the inspector and asks him not to put Purva in lock up. Inspector says good enough. He tells Purva that her husband can’t store him. Sanju provokes the patients’ mother and father. Rashmi asks him to attend. parents threaten to send Vedant to jail. Dr. Vedant comes there and tells that i can understand what you’re doing and says he brought Dr. Khare, and says he is great Paediatrician of Prayagraj and asks if they want to get their kids handled here. determine asks Dr. khare to shop their kids. Dr. Khare assures them. Vedant asks a person to set up juice and snacks for the sufferers. Vedant gets Soham’s name and he tells that document have come, and tells that baking soda quantity turned into much than needed inside the cake and that’s why she has to visit jail. Vedant is stunned and sits down.

Precap:- Vedant comes to fulfill Purva. Purva asks if he got here to take her home. He says no, but assures her. He tells that police discovered three finger prints at the field and says one is of Purva, Dadi says one is mine. Vedant says one is of the person who modified the labels. Gomti receives taken aback and receives up. Vedant and Dadi understand she is the wrongdoer.

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