Raja Beta 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Purva missing Vedant and figures why anybody can’t care for him. She says when I was annoyed with you, I realized that you are a decent man. She embraces his shirt. Her internal identity reveals to her that why she is cheerful when Vedant isn’t here. Purva asks what’s going on in it? Her internal identity gets some information about him first. Purva says he is treating somebody. His internal identity says you are battling with others for his rights getting to be Rani beti, and requests that her see where is he? Purva says just I am the one in his life and embraces his shirt.

Pankhudi tells mayank that they can’t have espresso today. Mayank says he needs to come tomorrow for giving blood and says espresso is expected. Pankhudi says don’t have a clue where I will be. Mayank says I will look you. Pankhudi grins and goes.

Gomti gets a fantasy what’s more, converses with Vedant requesting that he bring her salve. She envisions Narendra yelling seeing her face. Gomti awakens and feels regretful for Bittu’s passing. She considers if this is his karma.

Purva calls Vedant and thinks why the call never associates. She misses him and converses with his pic. She supposes why you don’t miss me, and didn’t call me even once. Mayank calls Purva and tells that Pankhudi is sweet. Purva trusts Pankhudi likes him. Mayank advises that he will give blood. Manjula reveals to Gomti that the rashes all over is getting less. Narendra comes and tells that it is getting less. Gomti discloses to Manjula that she needs to apply aloevera all over. Sanju converses with Vedant’s seat and says I dislike you, and tells that he isn’t exhausting like him. He says why everybody requests that I become like you. Pankhudi thinks what is he doing in Vedant’s lodge. She asks him. Sanju says I wanted work. Pankhudi says she came to get the record. Sanju says I realize you came to meet me yesterday. Declaration is made for calling Pankhudi. Sanju says I will give you Stethoscope. Pankhudi takes it and goes. Sanju thinks to make her wear mangalsutra.

Pankhudi asks Dr. Mayank about the woman. Mayank tells that he saw the woman slipped and brought her. Pankhudi takes her to ICU. Radhika inquires as to whether she enlightened anybody regarding prateik. Radhika says I won’t tell as everybody will might suspect off-base. Radhika asks will I reveal to him that he is my sweetheart and advises that she feels great conversing with her. Purva says you resemble Pankhudi to me and we will invest more energy. Pankhudi turns out and discloses to Mayank that the woman brought forth infant young lady. She lauds him. Mayank asks will you come to have espresso with me. Pankhudi says you help to remember somebody and tells that he is extremely kind like you. Mayank figures predetermination may join us and thinks to call Purva.

Purva’s telephone battery gets off abruptly. She supposes for what reason did he call. Pankhudi have noodles in the medical clinic flask. Mayank reveals to her that he is appreciating seeing her. Purva puts his telephone on charging and calls him. He rejects her calls and endeavors to message her. Pankhudi inquires as to for what reason did he take her to espresso on the off chance that he is occupied in telephone. He holds the telephone down. Pankhudi converses with him and tells that he helps her to remember her supervisor vedant who is unassuming and helps everybody. He tells that he realizes palm perusing and sees her palm. Sanju sees them and begin beating Mayank. Pankhudi attempts to stop Sanju. Purva comes there and see them battling. She asks Sanju to leave Mayank. Sanju hits Mayank with his dead. Mayank sees blood on his mouth and hits Sanju. Sanju pushes him on the column. Mayank gets damage on his head. Sanju picks fire quencher barrel and is going to hit Mayank, when Vedant comes there and stops Sanju. Pankhudi and Purva grin seeing him. Vedant asks Sanju to stop it. Purva makes Mayank sit. Vedant reveals to Sanju that it is his mix-up. He requests that somebody bring medical aid box. He takes a gander at Purva and grins. Purva additionally grins. She says sorry to learn. Purva says you came to meet Pankhudi on my platitude and this thing occurred with you. pankhudi hears her. Mayank says it isn’t your slip-up.

Precap: Pankhudi reveals to Purva that she will progress toward becoming Tripathi family bahu. Sanju hears her and grins. Vedant likewise hears her.


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