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Manjula says this isn’t right. Ramesh is going to slap Manjula, when Purva comes and says she is talking her words and it is called the right to speak freely. Ramesh requests that her go. Purva says what you are doing is aggressive behavior at home, and you can get imprisoned for tormenting your better half. She says on the off chance that you need your child to be Raja beta then he should be a decent man, and he can turn out to be great by observing his dad. Sanju calls Ramesh. Ramesh leaves.

Radhika leaves school and meets Prateik. Prateik opens his arms wide. She embraces him and says sorry for not talking. Prateik asks when she will converse with her family. Radhika says she will talk. Prateik says we know our choice and need to remain by it.

Ramesh and Sanju go to the clinic. Sanju thinks Papa is fouling up by double-crossing me. Ramesh requests that he see Vedant’s seat and says you need to stay here. Attorney calls Ramesh and tells that he checked the “will” of Dinanath Tripathi/Dada ji and as indicated by it, you can’t get emergency clinic exchanged on your name without Vedant’s marks. Ramesh asks Sanju to come. Sanju says he has some work. Ramesh requests that he come.

Purva comes to eatery and meets her school companion Mayank. She embraces him. Mayank asks how is her life now? Purva orders remove package. Mayank gets some information about her sister. Purva says she is great. Purva tells that she is hitched, and her better half is Doctor. He says he is a Vet. She inquires as to whether he got hitched. He says he is as yet single and needs a specialist as a real existence accomplice. Purva says Pankhudi is likewise a specialist and requests that he meet her, says she would prefer not to wed right now. Mayank says he will meet her. Purva gets up to go, and sees Radhika embracing Prateik there.

Purva requests that he hold up outside. Prateik calls her bhabhi and after that says Purva ji. Purva says bhabhi is fine. Radhika tells that that Prateik is her companion, a style fashioner. Purva says there is nothing incorrectly to get to know somebody and requests that her unwind. She converses with her and goes. Prateik reveals to Radhika that Purva is so cool. Radhika says just bhabhi is cool, others are not cool.

Mayank and Purva come to emergency clinic. They figure what they will tell Pankhudi. They see blood gift publication. Mayank comes to Pankhudi and requests that her have espresso. Pankhudi asks do I know you? Purva says he is my school companion who used to drink milk shake. Pankhudi says I know you. Mayank says I came to give blood and goes. Purva says sorry for yesterday and inquires as to whether she is fine. Pankhudi says she is fine and asks when Vedant is coming? Purva says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea and says house work is a wreck since he went. They embrace one another. Purva leaves.

Ramesh likes the chutney made by Manjula. Purva offers pakodas to Radhika. Radhika thinks bhabhi may tell anybody. Sanju gets back home and tells that he did all their work. Dadi says it is great, everybody will take every necessary step. Ramesh acknowledges him.

Gomti comes there and yells at Sanju. Sanju says it is same face cream. They see Gomti’s face with rashes. Sanju purchased an arbitrary cream. Gomti says this isn’t the one which I informed you, and tells that she is missing Vedant seriously. Manjula grins. Ramesh requests that her stop it and says Vedant is far, at that point likewise controls everybody. He says Sanju is Raja beta, I will kick Gudadi lal out this time
Dadi says Sanju is more youthful than Vedant and will adapt gradually. Gomti reveals to Ramesh that Sanju is pointless. Sumiti says he brought terminated mehendi for my hairs. Radhika checks her books and says I am in third year, for what reason did you bring first year books. Purva asks Ramesh to acknowledge that Vedant is Raja beta. Dadi says you needed to make Sanju, what he isn’t. Ramesh says Vedant has grabbed his rights.

He says my child will never move toward becoming bharat. Dadi says I am stressed over my child. Ramesh says I am not blinded and says Vedant isn’t the child of this family, so he isn’t Raja Beta. Purva reveals to Ramesh that Vedant earned the respect of Raja Beta by working in your administration.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Teri Galiyan Episode Update: Purva gets some information about Vedant’s whereabouts.


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