Raja Beta 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Narendra says you have stoop so low and reproves him. Ramesh says everybody used to call you Raja Beta and inquires as to whether this is the thing that he done. Rahul asks Purva to accompany him and causes her remain to up, yet she blacks out. Vedant holds her. Pankhudi comes inside who is viewing everything and cheering from outside. Ramesh signs Rahul. Rahul says I will take her with everybody’s desire and will cause you to go to the correctional facility as you slaughtered infant without mother’s desire. Vedant asks Pankhudi to tell everybody. Sanju asks him not to drag her and acknowledge his error now itself. Vedant asks Dadi to confide in him. Dadi asks did you prematurely end the child. He gestures no. Dadi asks did you ask infant’s mom. Vedant says no. She asks did you converse with Purva’s family. He gestures no.

Dadi sees him out and requests that he leave. She says today around evening time you won’t remain in Sanjeevani Sadan, or Jeevan Rekha. Vedant says please. Dadi gets some information about Purva. Pankhudi says she needs to push. Dadi asks Sanju to take her to her room and asks Pankhudi to take her to Nani’s home tomorrow. Vedant holds Pankhudi’s hand. She leaves his hand and says di. Vedant asks Manjula to trust him, however she goes. Gomti says bhaiyya is correct, you can’t be Tripathi blood. Ramesh requests that he leave and come tomorrow.

Vedant is pitiful and going out. He turns out to his vehicle, however doesn’t sit in it. He goes to his bicycle and goes. Pankhudi discloses to Dadi that Sanju told whatever occurred here and says Di will rest. Sanju inquires as to whether Rahul brings police warrant then what will occur. Pankhudi asks him not to take strain. Sanju says Dada ji’s name will be destroyed in multi day. Dadi asks Sanju to go out. Pankhudi grins. Sanju and Pankhudi leave. Dadi sits and figures for what reason did you do this, didn’t you think about your Dada ji once. Purva is as yet oblivious.

Later Sanju comes to Vedant and Purva’s room and asks Pankhudi to come. He asks what you need to do in this room. Pankhudi says in the event that we get hitched then..Ramesh comes there and says if Amma comes to take Purva’s stuff. Sanju says when we have taken care of Vedant and it is anything but difficult to deal with Dadi. She requests that they make her head specialist and afterward Jeevan Rekha will walk ATM. They grin. Ramesh scents blossoms and stops the wheeze.

Vedant is riding on the bicycle and reviews his minutes with Purva. Tanhayi tune plays… He goes to the emergency clinic and takes a gander at Jeevan Rekha board from outside. Tune plays… Tanhayi. He sits on side of street and cries. He says I am sorry Purva, you confided in me, yet I gave you enormous selling out of life. He supposes I ought to have done every one of the tests myself. I had guaranteed that I won’t let anything happen to the infant, however I did premature birth with my hand. He cries saying ‘sorry’ to her and arguing for absolution.

Precap: Purva reveals to Vedant that she is setting off to her Nani’s home and asks him not to come there.


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