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The Episode starts with Purva asking Vedant no longer to talk to her, no longer even with her sister. She takes her sister together with her oblivious to her evilness. Vedant folds his palms earlier than Manjula, Dadi and others. Manjula is going and brings the meals plate for him. Ramesh asks her to stop and says no food for this sinner. He is ready to throw the meals. Dadi shouts no and says this is Radhe Madhav’s bhog and asks him now not to insult it. She asks everybody to go and says she wants to speak to Vedant on my own. Vedant takes the plate from Manjula’s hand and eats the meals, sitting in Dadi’s room. He asks Dadi why she is crying? Dadi says your Dada ji’s broken dreams are piercing in my old eyes, which he noticed for you and this own family, you have scattered the whole thing. Vedant says sorry, when I maintain any pregnant woman’s pulse then I sense like someone is calling me crying, i get scared. He says I don’t think that I might be doctor anymore. He says tell me what to do and asks her to inform some tale like she used to in his youth. Dadi says a human’s sin is like her ill soul. She says similar to patient receives medication for remedy, likewise guilty individual shall do penance. Vedant asks if the penance will show up.

He kisses her hand and rests his head on her lap. Dadi maintains hand on his head and asks him to take his stuff and depart from Sanjeevani Sadan. Vedant stands up and folds his palms. Dadi calls him and says anyplace you remains and wherever you cross, your Dadi will continually love you.

Purva is in Nani’s residence. Pankhudi comes there and says she can’t agree with that Dr. Vedant may be so smart and cunning. Purva says she will be able to’t trust and says her coronary heart and thoughts are not matching. She says I don’t realize. Pankhudi says he himself confessed and provokes her against vedant. She says you didn’t understand whilst you fall for Rahul and then Vedant. She says you don’t recognise what you wishes, and says why your heart don’t live for one factor. She asks her to forgive him and says Rahul will now not leave him and Tripathi circle of relatives will not take him lower back. She asks her to make herself apprehend and says the door of Sanjeevani sadan are closed for you. She is going.

Vedant comes to Nani’s residence and prevents himself from knocking the door. He sits far on his bike and looks at Purva from the window. Purva is on foot in her room. track performs….dil toot janiye…tere bin.. performs…..Purva gets up from bed and is going. Vedant says i am so sorry, I didn’t know that i will deliver disappointment for your face.

he is sitting on the street and is shattered. His friend Sumit comes there and calls him. He tells his wife that Vedant used to return first and he used to come back 2d. He says what Dada ji used to say that remedy is proper what’s executed with the aid of information the illness. He thinks to understood the basis and locate the solution. He thanks Sumit and leaves.

on the dining table, Sumiti asks Gomti why she is asking at the chair. Gomti says she is looking on the chair. She asks Ramesh to go and take a look at the financial institution accounts. Narendra says he isn’t always thief. Sumiti says he did a massive component. Ramesh says Sanju and i will deal with clinic and everything. Rahul comes there and asks who will cope with my problem. He says you have got hidden that Vedant and his stolen spouse. Ramesh says Purva went to her Nani’s house and says we don’t recognize about Vedant. Rahul says shop him, but i will make you all jailed. Sanju receives up and asks how? He smiles. Rahul says your brother were given overwhelmed me up, married my fiance and brought her here, says you have got given him shelter. Sanju smiles. Rahul tells Dadi that he will start with her and says Police will beat her first. Narendra shouts Rahul. Rahul says you humans have enjoyed plenty, out of Dada ji’s wealth and property. Ramesh says we are able to disowned Vedant from medical institution and domestic then you may’t do something. He signs Rahul to head and asks him to head. Rahul says i’m going, however will go back soon. Ramesh asks Dadi no longer to worry and says i’m able to deal with the entirety. He asks Narendra to have breakfast. Sanju and Ramesh smile looking at each other.

Pankhudi goes to sanatorium. Door bell earrings. She opens the door and unearths Vedant coming. Vedant says I got here to speak to you about Rahul accusing me about HIV. Pankhudi changes his words and says you said that you sent the goons and were given him crushed. Vedant says however. Purva says I instructed you not to come back here. Vedant says I got here to take assist from Pankhudi. Purva asks him to help her first and says you killed my child along with your desire and were given my marriage broken also. She says from where you are becoming power to reveal your face. Vedant says i’m sorry Purva.

Precap: Vedant asks Purva to leave him, record case against him and give him divorce. Purva is taken aback.


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