Raja Beta 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Manjula comes to Dadi and says she isn’t greatly instructed and don’t know much, yet love for her way to cook for her family and that she can’t provide for Purva and Vedant. She says she won’t prepare nourishment for Vedant and Purva. Dadi says nourishment won’t be made in Sanjeevani Sadan. Manjula inquires as to whether she will pardon Vedant. Dadi says Vedant has broken my trust, however whoever comes here can’t be go hungry. Manjula says alright and goes. Dadi takes a gander at Purva crying. Vedant awakens on the recreation center seat. He needs towards the plant specialist and washes his face. A patient’s better half observes him and tells his child that Vedant’s pic was in their sanctuary as he spared him when two specialists couldn’t spare him.

Gomti tells that she is hanging tight for Vedant and Rahul to see the tamasha. sumiti says all dramatization happened today. Purva comes to have nourishment. Gomti requests that her eat sustenance at bhandara. Sumiti says my little girl is smarter to be called as behenji as opposed to giving ceaselessly her regard on account of her beau. Purva goes to the room and cries considering Vedant. Pankhudi comes there and keeps hand on her shoulder. She requests that her pack her stuff and says opportunity has arrived to leave from here. Purva gets up and removes her sarees from the cabinet. They leave room.

Purva and Pankhudi come to corridor. Manjula goes seeing Purva. Purva sits to have nourishment. She has a touch of nourishment and beverages water. She says sorry to learn and contacts her feet. Manjula doesn’t favor her and looks on. Rahul comes there calling Vedant according to Pankhudi’s arrangement. He says you have fouled up by slaughtering my child and requests that he turn out. Vedant originates from outside and says I am here. He requests that he converse with him. Rahul says I will document argument against you and you will lose this house and jeevan rekha to battle this case. Ramesh says this house and jeevan rekha isn’t of Vedant, however of Amma. Rahul says he is Amma’s grandson. Ramesh says he was picked from drain and now will be tossed back there. He says we don’t have anything to do with him and Purva. Sanju thinks Papa is perusing all the content well. Rahul says he is your child legitimately. Ramesh says we will repudiated him and isn’t in charge of his off-base doings. Rahul asks Purva to accompany him and says we will satisfy our fantasies. Sanju signs Ramesh. Purva asks Rahul to go from that point. Rahul says I am going as my Purva asked me. He says in the event that I come to realize that Vedant has association with Tripathis, at that point all of you will be no more. Narendra says he said right and says on the off chance that we have any connection with Vedant, at that point need to confront the discipline for his wrongdoings. Dadi and Vedant looks dismal. Vedant discloses to Pankhudi that he was caught and they all are supposing him wrong. Sanju requests that he ward off her from this issue and requests that he go. He says on the off chance that you remain here, at that point will suffocate all the relatives and says don’t go to medical clinic, it isn’t yours now. Vedant comes to Purva. Purva says I am setting off to my Nani’s home and asks him not to come there. She says we won’t talk any longer and says you won’t talk even with my sister. She asks Pankhudi to come and they leave.

Precap: Dadi asks Vedant to do atonement. Vedant inquires as to whether God will excuse him. Dadi says might be.


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