Raja Beta 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pankhudi opens the entryway and comes up with a rationalization. Vedant says Purva needs Nani’s shelter on weaving. Pankhudi says I will bring it. Gomti meets a holy person and requests that he complete her marriage. Pandit ji checks her hand and says you will get hitched to frog. Gomti says no and requests arrangement. Pandit ji says it is an answer and tells that she will get her significant other very soon. He tells 3 bundles. Gomti picks the last. Purva comes and says you are ridiculing Bua’s visually impaired confidence. Pandit ji blows up at Purva and discloses to Gomti that she will stay unmarried. Gomti blows up at her and takes her to Dadi.

Vedant discloses to Pankhudi that Purva is stressed over her and requests that her discussion to her. Pankhudi says she will talk today. Vedant says she don’t think about your wiped out leave. He sees men shoe there. He inquires as to whether somebody is here? Pankhudi says she discovered it in the storeroom and kept it here to give somebody. Vedant is going to go. something tumbles down in the kitchen by Sanju. Vedant inquires as to whether somebody is here. Pankhudi says no one, says window is open so something may have fallen. He says I will check once. Ramesh, Sanju and Rahul in the kitchen. Before Vedant can get inside, Sanju turns out. Vedant says you are here? Sanju says I came to meet her. Vedant inquires as to for what reason did you cover up here? Sanju says Pankhudi got stressed hearing the ringer and requested that I stow away in kitchen. Vedant says you don’t have to avoid me, you are grown-ups and knows your advancement. He leaves. Ramesh and Rahul take a moan of help.

Gomti admonishes Purva and solicits her not to progress toward becoming Maharani from the house. Manjula asks what occurred. Gomti tells everything and says Baba reviled us. Purva says sorry. Sumiti says how you will know how it feels to stay unmarried. Manjula insults Purva. Dadi comes there. Purva says she thought to go out and feeling choked. Dadi says why there are tears in your eyes. She says I recognize what is the reason and chastens everybody for making Purva cry. She says in the event that Purva gets a tear in her eyes, at that point she will show them out. She asks Purva to proceed to rest. Dadi takes a gander at Manjula, Gomti and Sumiti.

Pankhudi admonishes Sanju for turning out infront of Vedant. Sanju says I turned out to shroud the other two. He says in the event that he had seen Rahul, at that point? Pankhudi says he thought me off-base and left. Ramesh says why he will think wrong observing you with your future spouse. Sanju says do you care for the arrangement or for Vedant. Narendra discloses to Sumiti that Amma indicated them entryway today and tells that once his child is conceived. Narendra says Vedant deals with us more than Sanju.

Dadi reveals to Vedant that Manjula, Sumiti and Gomti made Purva cry today. Vedant says even maa. Dadi approaches him to take desserts for her and make her temperament light. He expresses gratitude toward her. Purva is miserable and disturbed in her room. Vedant switches off the lights and discloses to her a story utilizing shadow play and makes Purva grin. He asks what do you gain from the story. Purva says that I will not feel awful of relatives saying. Vedant says they don’t have any acquaintance with you. Purva expresses gratitude toward her. He says only a little thank you and demonstrates his cheeks. She goes, returns and kisses on his cheeks. Vedant grins and falls on bed joyfully. Purva grins.

Precap: Purva sees Rahul on street and tells vedant that he will remove the infant from them.


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