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Manjula asks what occurred, do you have any work. Vedant asks do you need t o state something. She says what would you like to state. He demonstrates his cloth and says don’t have the foggiest idea how it is recolored. Manjula says keep it for washing. Vedant says it is spotless, I didn’t utilize it, however I don’t have the foggiest idea how it is recolored. Manjula says by what means would this be able to occur without this reason. Vedant says simply like you blew up and says there must be some reason. He overlap his hand and inquires as to whether they accomplished something incorrectly. Manjula requests that he go and says I have much work. Vedant goes from her room. Manjula cries.

Pankhudi inquires as to for what reason didn’t you achieve multi day prior. Ramesh asks who compromised you. Rahul says a few goons compromised me and said that on the off chance that I wed Purva that I will be executed. He says he was driven out prayagraj. Ramesh inquires as to whether she had other beau? Rahul says Purva was not that sort of young lady. They inquire as to whether he has any foe. Rahul says no. Sanju says in the event that Nani sent goons to undermine him and, at that point made Vedant wed her. Rahul asks how this marriage occurred? Pankhudi reveals to him that Nani coerced Vedant and Purva to wed. They presume that Nani more likely than not done this. Nani converses with Dadi and gets some information about Purva. She says what we did what we think right. Ramesh catches them. Dadi asks when are you returning and says her godh bharayi is in November. Ramesh comes inside and apologizes for manjula’s conduct. He asks with whom you was conversing with? He says in the event that Purva had hitched Rahul, at that point? Dadi tells a doha. Ramesh suspects Dadi and Nani’s hand to undermine Rahul.

Purva discloses to Vedant that she needs 10000 Rs. He says 10000 rs for giving a towel. She says she requirements for shopping. Vedant says I will accompany you. Purva says she will go alone and says I wouldn’t have inquired as to whether I had cash. She gets passionate and provided for the specialist for premature birth. Vedant asks her. Purva tells something very similar. He says its alright and requests that her go in vehicle. Purva says she isn’t unwell, however pregnant. Vedant says auto isn’t ok for child and requests that her go in vehicle. Purva says alright.

Ramesh says he questions on Nani and Dadi. Sanju reveals to Ramesh that he is envisioning the scene when Nani and Dadi went to goons’ place with cash sack in her grasp. Ramesh giggles. Sanju says in the event that Dadi would have been a goon, at that point I wouldn’t have examined and raised my privately-owned company. Ramesh giggles. Rahul says on the off chance that it is a joke and says he was on bed for two months and says in the event that they see me once more, at that point won’t leave me. Pankhudi says she don’t believe that they will do this. Sanju asks do you know the goons. Rahul says they resemble goons and one of them used to swear on ganga maiyya more than once. Sanju calls his companion to enquire.

Purva turns out from shopping center and calls driver requesting that he bring the vehicle. She sees a child who makes countenances to prod her. Purva additionally prods him. Rahul is going from that point. Purva sees him and gets stunned. She supposes how he is here? Purva sits in the vehicle. Sanju brings Rahul to the spot and says that goon remains here. He requests that he go and says I will come behind you. Rahul heads inside and says you should not have recognized me. Goon says I let you know not to come to Prayagraj once more. Sanju comes and says we came to solicit the name from the individual who made him beaten. He makes him converse with Ramesh. Goon converses with Ramesh and consents to answer them. Sanju asks who requested that you beat Rahul and undermine him. Purva returns home and discloses to Vedant that Rahul will grab their child.

Precap: Vedant calls somebody and enquires about Rahul. He at that point discloses to Purva that Rahul isn’t in Prayagraj and asks her not to tell the child is of Rahul and says this infant is our own.


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