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The Episode starts with Purva telling Vedant that Rahul returned and will take the toddler away from them. She says he’s going to destroy my existence once more. Vedant says if he returned then i’m able to provide an explanation for to him that the baby is mine. He says i have his cousin’s no. and calls Satish, enquires about Rahul. He talks to him and ends the call. He tells Purva that Rahul haven’t come to Prayagraj and asks Purva no longer to inform that the toddler isn’t always his. Purva says it isn’t always like that. Vedant asks her no longer to name the infant as Rahul’s baby and says not anything will show up to our child, no one can clutch it. Purva hugs him. Sanju comes returned and tells Ramesh and Pankhudi that Vedant had sent goons to kill Rahul. Pankhudi says Dr. Vedant had broken di and Rahul’s marriage and which means he loves Purva earlier than their marriage. She thinks if he’s proper. Purva says what we will tell to own family while the child receives added in the 9 month. Vedant says i will inform all and sundry which you have a premature shipping inside the eighth month. Purva says you’ll lie for me. Vedant says he has to and all and sundry will consider as he is her health practitioner. Purva says how can you love me a lot in one of these quick time. Vedant says I got late, if I had met you earlier than then might have no longer allow you to waste it slow loving a person else. Purva hugs him.

Ramesh says Gudadi lal made Rahul pass. sanju says yes and says meaning they recognize each different earlier than marriage. Pankhudi says this can’t take place and says can be he noticed her earlier than and loved at the start sight. Sanju says when Dadi gave him responsibility, he may have thought to marry her. Ramesh says that’s why he got him abducted. Pankhudi says Vedant took benefit of the situation and married Di. Ramesh says I thought him accurate. Rahul says once I first met him, i was inspired and says folks that looks easy, are very awful. Sanju says shall we move and divulge him. Pankhudi stops them and says we don’t ought to attack the tiger, but kill him. She says we will now not provide him a danger to assault us again. Sanju says she is right and tells that they shall assault him whilst the time is proper.

Vedant tells Purva that child’s yearning can be there and kitchen will be open. Purva asks if this comic story consultation is wanted. He says toddler shall realize that he’s coming to the happy own family. Purva says child knows about you. Vedant says each of your happiness is my life purpose. Purva says you are our lives’ cause. He assessments time and gives her iron tablets. Purva takes it. She thank you him and says thanks for being what you are, i’m able to’t even consider my life with out you.

Vedant assessments a patient within the clinic. Pankhudi comes there and says suitable morning to him. Vedant exams the patient and says her liver is enlarged. He asks her to get the liver take a look at completed. Pankhudi says everything is regular. Vedant says I checked her pulse now, liver isn’t always ordinary. Sanju asks Manjula about the meals. Manjula says she made kathal sabzi (Jackfruit dish). Ramesh asks what else you made? Manjula says she didn’t make something else. She says she can make something else. Dadi asks them to have meals. Ramesh refuses and says we don’t eat. Manjula says i can make. Purva says i will make Paneer dish. Sumiti asks her not to work difficult. Purva says i’m able to work all through pregnancy. Ramesh asks her to consume meals and says we will have outside. Manjula name callings Purva and asks her to consume the entirety. Dadi makes her take a seat and says i can make you devour with my hand. Purva is sad.

Pankhudi tells Sanju that Vedant trap the liver infection with pulse checking. She asks if a person else recognize. Sanju says Dadi used to informed that best Dada ji knew about it and he taught Vedant. Pankhudi says which means if he’s trapped then no one can store him. Vedant calls Purva and asks about her remedy and food. Purva says she will be able to call him later and ends the decision. Vedant calls Dadi and asks about Purva. Dadi tells about Ramesh and Sanju making problem of the jackfruit dish. Vedant says i’m able to come home early. Pankhudi asks in case you are right. Vedant says babu ji made Purva cry.

Pankhudi indicates the reviews. She asks how did you recognize about the liver checking the pulse. She asks if all the sicknesses may be diagnosed with it. Vedant says may be, but I don’t recognise about it. Pankhudi says I might be with Purva till you deal with the patient. She is going.

She comes home with Sanju and tells Ramesh that he shall be high-quality with Purva and Dadi. She says she got an concept? Sanju says why didn’t you tell me? She says if there can be such state of affairs that Vedant assessments simplest report and don’t check pulse. Ramesh says he exams pulse first. Pankhudi says there may be a trouble with Purva and it’ll break Vedant. They see Manjula coming and snort, diverting the subject. Pankhudi goes to fulfill Purva. Dadi asks Purva to drink soup. Purva refuses. Dadi asks why are you refusing to drink these days. Pankhudi comes there and says di will drink with my hand, says jija ji sent me. Purva gets satisfied. Dadi asks them to talk and is going. Pankhudi says jija ji informed about Ramesh. Purva says she is surprised to pay attention Jija ji from her mouth. Pankhudi says she has moved on and asks her to forget. Purva says if beyond is available in present and says she noticed Rahul today.

Precap: Pankhudi asks Sanju to deliver nadi parikshan ebook (pulse analyzing) from Vedant’s room. He steals the e-book. Purva comes there.


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