Raja Beta 18th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Vedant making Purva put on the mangalsutra. He says you…me..Purva says I need to tell you some thing, on every occasion I do some thing, I do it with my heart and says one issue is ultimate nonetheless. She selections sindoor bottle and offers to him. Vedant fills her maang with sindoor. Pankhudi comes there and receives bowled over, cries. She is going. Purva and Vedant examine every other. Purva says you feel shy and asks him to say some thing high-quality. Vedant asks her to return home and says Dadi will be very happy. Purva says simply Dadi? Vedant says even I. Purva says the whole thing came about abnormally and says she wishes their new start in their marriage. Vedant asks her to go domestic and says he’ll deliver Dadi. Purva calls Pankhudi and asks if she will come to Vedant’s house as she is returning. Pankhudi says she

will p.c. her stuff and come. Vedant brings Dadi home from the sanatorium and asks her to be happy usually, and asks her now not to consume icecreams and toffees. Dadi says it is just for you, my happiness is you. Vedant says i’m able to deliver my happiness home. He goes out and brings Purva inner protecting her hand stunning a few and unexpected a few. Radhika says Bhabhi. Dadi asks them to forestall. They leave every different arms. Dadi asks Vedant to promise her that he’ll not leave her hand and asks her to promise that she can now not allow him go away her hand. Purva promises not to head anywhere. Vedant says even I promise. Dadi asks Manjula to convey aarti plate and says bahu has come. Ramesh says you are doing incorrect. Dadi asks if he wishes her to head back to sanatorium again. She asks Manjula to do aarti. Manjula does their aarti.
Purva leaves her hand impressions on the wall. Dadi says nowadays your hand impressions got linked with this residence. She is ready to step inner. Radhika says she will be able to set her saree and continues the aarti plate down. Purva’s saree catches hearth. Vedant sets the fireplace with his hand. Purva and Dadi get involved for him. Gomti says abshagun as she stepped in. Ramesh says fireplace become lit while she got here earlier than also. Dadi says my bahu is a lakshmi and asks them to visit their rooms. She asks Vedant and Purva to return interior. Vedant lifts Purva and looks at her. absolutely everyone looks amazed. He walks in the house. Dadi smiles. tune performs..ab yeh bekhaari plays. Radhika teases Purva. Purva feels shy. Dadi says my vedant is emotions shy and love is beginning with Rajdhani speed. Purva asks if he will examine her or just sense shy. Vedant says lets go. Pankhudi comes there. Purva asks if this female will stay here, to romance with my son and to educate him, a way to argue with his father. Purva asks if Pankhudi can stay right here until Nani returns. Dadi nods his head. Purva says Pankhudi informed that Sanju is simply his friend. Sanju says the identical, in order that Ramesh allow her to live. Ramesh goes. Sanju takes Pankhudi’s stuff at the same time as Vedant takes Purva’s stuff to their room.

Dadi comes to Purva and teaches her romance. Purva gets glad. Dadi asks her not to depart Vedant as he got his very own relation for first time. Purva says Dadi. Vedant calls Purva. Dadi asks her to head. Purva involves room and sees Vedant making use of fragrance. She says you are taking bathtub in perfume. Vedant kisses on her hand. Purva feels shy. Vedant says you’re shying. Purva says you wanted a shy wife and says she will be able to rule on him. Vedant says he likes this incorrect spouse. Purva asks wherein is his ethics. Vedant thanks her for giving him a threat. He gets closer for a kiss. Pankhudi comes and watches them.

Precap: Purva and Vedant have their drink. Pankhudi has combined napping capsules inside the drink and tells that simplest she has right to the touch and love him.


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