Raja Beta 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Purva going to the feasting table and eats organic products. Vedant goes to her and inquires as to whether she can eat every one of these natural products or need to go through at some point with him. Purva asks him not to have any wrong contemplations. She hacks. Vedant inquires as to whether you state like this at that point… He asks do I need to cover regulatory expense? Purva requests that he tune in to spouse and don’t go outside when she is talking. She goes to her room. Vedant is going to go following Purva. Dadi comes there infront of Vedant and prods him saying her fantastic child used to knead her feet and so forth. Vedant requests that her go to room and says I will come. Sanju goes to Pankhudi’s room in the staff quarters and enhances the table with blossom petals and candles. I adore you melody plays… .Pankhudi inquires as to for what reason did you come here? Sanju reveals to her that he came to hear I adore you from you and says now they have permit, and requests that her tell. Pankhudi requests that he leave. Sanju tells that he is an insane person and has taken a chance with his life once and requests that her state I cherish you. He inquires as to whether she cherishes him. Pankhudi supposes she can’t release him from her hand, and thinks to trap him until she succeed. She requests that he accomplish something which will persuade her and requests that he hold up till marriage. Sanju requests that her be vocal with her emotions and tells that he has hitched her in his heart and realizes how to grab his thing.

Vedant kneads Dadi’s feet. Dadi favors him and after that requests that he go, Purva must pause. Vedant says yes. Dadi says on the off chance that I would have been at your place, at that point I would have gone. She reveals to him that Sanju and Pankhudi are appropriate for one another. Vedant asks her not to stress and requests that her rest. Next morning, Purva awakens and discovers Vedant siting close to the bed. He brings bed tea. Purva says you woke up so ahead of schedule for me. Vedant says for you and as a result of you. He demonstrates the video in which she is wheezing. Vedant says this wheezing sound arranged me to wake up. Purva says she was drained. He requests that her beverage tea. Purva drinks tea and tells that it is great. Vedant requests that her get from the bed quick and tells that Sanju and Pankhudi’s roka date will be finished. She educates that Dadi told regarding shopping.

Pankhudi comes to Sanjeevani sadan and checks the means and thinks the quantity of steps she takes inside, a similar number of steps, Purva takes for outside. She supposes to grab her place. She comes to kitchen and welcomes everybody. Dadi asks Purva what she is making today? Purva says she is making kheer as Vedant likes it. Dadi says it is great. Radhika acknowledges Purva. Manjula says we will make Pankhudi keep the kheer as bhoj. Pankhudi gets furious. She takes the kheer for the bhog. Pandit ji says I will take out the great mahurat and requests that they keep the bhog. Manjula asks Purva to keep the bhog. Dadi says today god will be upbeat as the kheer is made by my Purva. Pankhudi says this kheer is coagulated. Pandit ji says this is foreboding and we need to get mahurat some other day. Pankhudi says this mahurat will never be taken. Pandit ji leaves. Sanju asks Purva for what reason she made soured kheer. Ramesh says she don’t need my child to wed. Vedant says she won’t do this deliberately. Dadi requests that they stop it. Sanju asks Ramesh to call other Pandit and says Maa will make kheer. Ramesh says roka service will happen tomorrow and will be extremely terrific. He applies Tilak to Sanju and Pankhudi. Sanju holds Pankhudi’s hand and signs her to contact his feet.. They take every one of seniors’ feet. Sumiti saw Pankhudi in kitchen. Fb closes.

Ramesh tells that an exceptional visitor Chaturvedi and his child are coming tomorrow to see Radhika. Sumiti says you told the genuine uplifting news now. Narendra reveals to Radhika that it is a guardians’ fantasy to do their little girl kanyadaan. Ramesh reveals to Purva that no abshagun will happen tomorrow else I won’t bear. Vedant comes to Dada ji’s photograph outline and says Sanju’s roka service will occur, and I will endeavor to keep the family joined together. Purva comes to him and tells that whatever happened today isn’t a result of me, I don’t have the foggiest idea how the kheer got coagulated. Vedant keeps her hand on his chest and says do you confide in me. She says more than myself. He says even I confide in you completely and says I need you to make courses of action with me. She says what regarding Radhika. Vedant says I will meet prateik soon and requests that her state like Dadi used to state that mera Vedant haina… Purva grins and embraces him.

Precap: Vedant demonstrates chain to Purva and winks his eyes. Pankhudi supposes she needs to accomplish something significant so that Purva gets accused gravely.


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