Raja Beta 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Purva is in Nani’s home. Pankhudi comes there and says she can hardly imagine how Dr. Vedant can be so shrewd and sly. Purva says she can’t accept and says her heart and psyche are not coordinating. She says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Pankhudi says he himself admitted and incites her against vedant. She says you didn’t have a clue when you succumb to Rahul and afterward Vedant. She says you don’t have the foggiest idea what you needs, and says why your heart don’t remain for a certain something. She requests that her excuse him and says Rahul won’t leave him and Tripathi family won’t take him back. She requests that her cause herself to comprehend and says the entryway of Sanjeevani sadan are shut for you. She goes.

Vedant arrives at Nani’s home and prevents himself from thumping the entryway. He sits far on his bicycle and takes a gander at Purva from the window. Purva is strolling in her room. Vedant says I am so grieved, I didn’t realize that I will expedite trouble your face. He is perched out and about and is broken. His companion Sumit comes there and calls him. He advises his significant other that Vedant used to start things out and he used to come next. He says what Dada ji used to state that treatment is correct what is finished by understanding the disease. He supposes to comprehended the root and discover the arrangement. He expresses gratitude toward Sumit and leaves.

Sumiti asks Gomti for what reason she is taking a gander at the seat. Gomti says she is taking a gander at the seat. She asks Ramesh to proceed to check the ledgers. Narendra says he isn’t hoodlum. Sumiti says he completed a major thing. Ramesh says Sanju and I will deal with emergency clinic and everything. Rahul comes there and asks who will deal with my concern. He says you have concealed that Vedant and his stolen spouse. Ramesh says Purva went to her Nani’s home and says we don’t think about Vedant. Rahul says spare him, yet I will make all of you imprisoned. Sanju gets up and asks how? He grins. Rahul says your sibling got whipped me, wedded my life partner and brought her here, says you have given him cover. Sanju grins. Rahul reveals to Dadi that he will begin with her and says Police will beat her first. Narendra yells Rahul. Rahul says you individuals have delighted in a ton, out of Dada ji’s riches and property. Ramesh says we will repudiated Vedant from clinic and home then you can’t do anything. He signs Rahul to go and requests that he go. Rahul says I am going, however will return soon. Ramesh asks Dadi not to stress and says I will deal with everything. He asks Narendra to eat. Sanju and Ramesh grin taking a gander at one another.

Pankhudi is going to emergency clinic. Entryway chime rings. She opens the entryway and discovers Vedant coming. Vedant says I came to converse with you about Rahul denouncing me about HIV. Pankhudi changes his words and says you said that you sent the goons and got him beaten. Vedant says however. Purva says I let you know not to come here. Vedant says I came to take help from Pankhudi. Purva requests that he help her first and says you murdered my child with your desire and got my marriage broken moreover. She says from where you are getting solidarity to demonstrate your face. Vedant says I am sorry Purva.

Precap: Vedant asks Purva to leave him, record argument against him and give him separate. Purva is stunned.


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