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Ramesh says Gudadi lal made Rahul go. sanju says yes and says that implies they know each other before marriage. Pankhudi says this can’t occur and says might be he saw her previously and adored from the start locate. Sanju says when Dadi gave him duty, he may have thought to wed her. Ramesh says that is the reason he got him grabbed. Pankhudi says Vedant exploited the circumstance and wedded Di. Ramesh says I thought him great. Rahul says when I initially met him, I was intrigued and says the individuals who looks basic, are awful. Sanju says gives up and uncover him. Pankhudi stops them and says we don’t need to assault the tiger, yet execute him. She says we will not allow him to assault us back. Sanju says she is correct and tells that they will assault him when all is good and well.

Vedant reveals to Purva that infant’s hankering will be there and kitchen will be open. Purva inquires as to whether this joke session is required. He says child will realize that he is going to the glad family. Purva says child thinks about you. Vedant says both of your satisfaction is my life thought process. Purva says you are our lives’ rationale. He checks time and gives her iron containers. Purva takes it. She says thanks to him and expresses profound gratitude for being what you are, I can’t envision my existence without you.

Vedant checks a patient in the medical clinic. Pankhudi comes there and says great morning to him. Vedant checks the patient and says her liver is amplified. He requests that her complete the liver test. Pankhudi says everything is ordinary. Vedant says I checked her heartbeat now, liver isn’t ordinary. Sanju gets some information about the sustenance. Manjula says she made kathal sabzi (Jackfruit dish). Ramesh asks what else you made? Manjula says she didn’t make whatever else. She says she will make something different. Dadi requests that they have nourishment. Ramesh cannot and says we don’t eat. Manjula says I will make. Purva says I will make Paneer dish. Sumiti asks her not to buckle down. Purva says I can work during pregnancy. Ramesh requests that her eat nourishment and says we will have outside. Manjula insults Purva and requests that her eat everything. Dadi causes her to sit and says I will cause you to eat with my hand. Purva is tragic.

Pankhudi reveals to Sanju that Vedant get the liver contamination with heartbeat checking. She inquires as to whether another person know. Sanju says Dadi used to enlightened that solitary Dada ji knew concerning it and he educated Vedant. Pankhudi says that implies in the event that he is caught, at that point no one can spare him. Vedant calls Purva and gets some information about her medication and sustenance. Purva says she will call him later and closes the call. Vedant calls Dadi and gets some information about Purva. Dadi tells about Ramesh and Sanju making issue of the jackfruit dish. Vedant says I will get back home early. Pankhudi inquires as to whether you are correct. Vedant says babu ji made Purva cry.

Pankhudi demonstrates the reports. She gets some information about the liver checking the beat. She inquires as to whether every one of the illnesses can be determined to have it. Vedant says might be, yet I don’t think about it. Pankhudi says I will be with Purva until you treat the patient. She goes.

She gets back home with Sanju and discloses to Ramesh that he will be pleasant with Purva and Dadi. She says she got a thought? Sanju says for what reason didn’t you let me know? She says if there can be such circumstance that Vedant checks just report and don’t check beat. Ramesh says he checks beat first. Pankhudi says there will be an issue with Purva and it will destroy Vedant. They see Manjula coming and snicker, occupying the subject. Pankhudi goes to meet Purva. Dadi asks Purva to drink soup. Purva cannot. Dadi inquires as to for what reason are you declining to drink today. Pankhudi comes there and says di will drink with my hand, says jija ji sent me. Purva gets glad. Dadi requests that they talk and goes. Pankhudi says jija ji told about Ramesh. Purva says she is astonished to hear Jija ji from her mouth. Pankhudi says she has proceeded onward and requests that her overlook. Purva says if past comes in present and says she saw Rahul today.

Precap: Pankhudi asks Sanju to bring nadi parikshan book from Vedant’s room. He takes the book. Purva comes there.


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