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The Episode starts with Vedant assessments Purva’s pulse. Purva says I assume you like baby more than me and desires to listen his coronary heart beat. She says i’m able to inform you simple way and makes him listen infant’s heart beat preserving his head on her tummy. Vedant smiles. He asks her to lie down on bed. Purva sleeps. Pankhudi asks Rahul if he has grown love for toddler. Rahul says he has no love for toddler, however he’ll take complete benefit of toddler and it will be blank cheque for him. He says I just desires Purva. Pankhudi asks her to get the xerox of the authentic and offers it back to her. She shares her plan with them and says we are able to now not meet until Vedant hyperlinks the infant’s ailment with Rahul. She says he’ll take the following step. Ramesh thinks to make Vedant trust that the disease got here from Rahul.

Vedant talks to Dada ji and says how i will shop my infant and what i will solution Purva. Ramesh comes and says there may be little need of thinking him. He says while he turned into alive, he does understand answer me. He says that’s why I hate him. Vedant says even me. Ramesh says you, an orphan’s toddler will be known as as Tripathi and says i used to be afraid that you are born with your father’s deadly sicknesses and says no one can trade the dirt in the blood. Vedant thinks of Pankhudi’s phrases. Vedant prays to Dada ji. He involves room and sees Purva still sleeping. He imagines child crying inside the cradle and picking the child in his hands. He says Papa will make the whole lot first-class and asks baby not to cry. He keeps the baby again in the cradle. He says whilst you became in Mamma’s tummy, i was afraid about the reviews and fought. He says I believe on my pulse studying and will usually guard you. He turns to Purva after which towards the cradle. He realizes it was his creativeness. He thinks if toddler has any trouble then additionally i can carry this toddler into this international and will deliver him great life and turns into his satisfactory Papa and don’t care about human beings’s taunts.

Next morning, Purva wakes up and sees him. He says you are equipped to head. He says he goes out of metropolis for charity health center. Purva says you turned into going with out meeting me. he says you changed into smiling even as sleeping. Purva says she saw the baby calling first word Papa. She smiles. Vedant asks her to get geared up and says we are able to have breakfast collectively. He asks her to get prepared as Pankhudi will take her to health facility for in addition check. Purva asks if something is wrong within the test. Vedant says the whole thing is high-quality. on the eating desk, Dadi asks Vedant what befell? Vedant says paratha is incomplete without your green chutney. Sanju says bhaiyya is not affected. Ramesh says the day past he was unhappy and disenchanted. Gomti teases him. Pankhudi comes there. Vedant asks her to take a seat and says Purva got here. Pankhudi thinks Vedant is calm. Purva says she is concerned about test up. Vedant asks her now not to worry. Dadi says it is ideal. Purva calls him. He asks did I overlook something. Purva offers her hand.

He says I checked remaining night time and the whole thing is high-quality. Purva says I need listen that the whole lot is satisfactory. Vedant tests her pulse and says the entirety is high-quality. Pankhudi gets tensed. Vedant leaves. Pankhudi signs Sanju and is going to kitchen. Sanju asks Ramesh to consume and goes. inside the kitchen, Pankhudi asks Sanju no longer to do whatever incorrect and says these days is the big day. Sanju says sure and says I notion we are locked in kitchen. Pankhudi says Vedant isn’t always concerned these days and asks him to do as she stated and says if you skip then most effective i will marry you. Sanju smiles. Pankhudi continues the espresso cup. Purva is about to drink. Pankhudi asks her no longer to drink it. She brings her to some other hospital. Purva asks health practitioner if her sister can come interior. doctor says sure. She does her ultrasonography completed. Rahul tells Sanju that he’s Rahul Gupta HIV tremendous and says now ladies will not come close to her. Sanju asks him to preserve the ladies away until he traps Purva. Pankhudi tells physician that she wants to research the method. Purva says she will move by herself and hugs Pankhudi. Pankhudi adds the HIV sample in Purva blood while doctor attends smartphone name from her variety. Pankhudi says it changed into dialed through mistake. Later, Pankhudi calls Vedant and asks him to have courage and says we have to manage Purva. He asks her to inform what’s within the reports? Pankhudi says it’s far written in reports that the infant is HIV nice.

Precap: Vedant shattered and sits down on street. He asks God not to allow anything appear to his child and no longer to allow Purva wreck.


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