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The Episode starts with Purva telling Pankhudi that she has first right on Vedant and not me. She says I feel Vedant is not happy with our marriage, I will go away from your way and will start my new life, but for that I want to get rid of this baby. She says this baby will die without my love and father’s name, and this world will not let me live. She asks her to abort her baby before she leaves from here, says they all will be benefitted. Dadi comes to Manjula and asks her to give the idol which she gave to her when Sanju was born. She says she wants to give it to Purva. Manjula says it has Sanju’s wife’s rights as it is our ancestors’ idol. Dadi asks if Ramesh taught her this. Manjula takes out the idol and gives to Dadi. Pankhudi comes to Vedant and tells him that Di that Purva is behaving strangely.She says if you hear then you will become surprised. She tells something shocking Vedant. Vedant says if she thought to this limit. He asks what did you say? She says she was speechless. Vedant asks her not to go infront of Purva for few days and tells that whatever she wants can’t happen. He tells her that he will do something which Purva is not expecting. He walks out of his cabin. Pankhudi runs behind him, but stops. Vedant is still walking. Pankhdi comes to Vedant’s cabin and imagines Purva telling that when Vedant don’t love you then you can’t snatch him from me. She says you will not get anything and will be ruined. She reminds her of Ravan’s story. Pankhudi says my story is different. Purva says your story will end trying to get him. Pankhudi says I can’t accept defeat and will do anything. She says Vedant is just mine.

At home, Gomti tells that what she shall do, if she shall marry a widower or become Dadi without marriage. She asks whom to marry, a widower with daughters or sons. Manjula says girls will go, and sons will loot everything. Your son will not get anything. Sumiti says she is talking about Vedant and Sanju. Manjula says Vedant got everything and Sanju didn’t get anything. Dr. Sushma comes to Vedant and asks shall I go home early, as my husband’s hand is burnt while making something for me. Vedant asks her to go. Purva senses his presence outside the ward, but he goes away from there. Purva asks Nurse when she will go home? Nurse says Dr. Vedant is getting your papers ready. Vedant calls Manjula and tells her that he is bringing Purva home in an hour. Manjula says ok and ends the call. Vedant thinks strange reaction. Purva comes to Vedant and asks when they will go home. Vedant says he has to check two patients. Purva asks shall I go with Pankhudi. Vedant says she already left. He says I told at home, we will leave in 45 mins maximum. He is checking the files. Purva admires him. Jo tu mera humdum hai….She thinks Vedant is of Pankhudi so he has the right on him and not me. Manjula tells Daid that Vedant called and said that he is bringing Purva home in an hour. Dadi thanks God and asks her to make kheer as it is liked by her. She asks Sumiti to make the thali ready to welcome her. Sumiti says ji Amma and gives cold reaction. Dadi asks what happened? Ramesh says there is no good news. Dadi says she might be pregnant. Ramesh says we asked, but they didn’t tell her. Dadi says I am sure that Vedant will give this good news. She asks Manjula to make the puja thaal ready. Ramesh gets irked. Manjula says ok.

Pankhudi is sitting in the park. Sanju brings icecream for him and thanks her. Pankhudi acts sweet with him. Sanju says Dadi was right, if I try winning your heart then I will win you. She says if we were not relatives and if I was a doctor in your hospital then what you would have done. Sanju says it would have been more difficult for me to woo me and would have taken you for cute dates so that you don’t refuse. Pankhudi says if I had a boyfriend then? Sanju says then my jwalamukhi would have burst and I would have burnt your lover. Pankhudi thinks she will become a more successful doctor or will make Purva go away from her way.

Vedant takes Purva to home and stop the car. He asks what is going on in your heart. Purva says I told you many times. Vedant says shall I tell you a story. He says a gyaani baba used to sit under the tree in a village, and People used to go to him with their problems. He says baba told joke once, everyone laughed. He again told the same joke and then also they laughed a bit. He again told the same joke, nobody laughed. Purva says how they will laugh hearing the same joke again. Vedant asks her not to get stress, but give him sometime to think. Purva says if it becomes late and if this baby comes then everything will change. Vedant says life will change, but nothing will change between us. He looks at Purva. Purva also looks at him.

Precap: Manjula does Purva and Vedant’s aarti and turns her face. Ramesh says let us touch your feet. Manjula says no need.


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