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The Episode begins with Dadi inquiring as to whether she preferred the saree. Vedant gestures no, sitting far from her. Dadi grins. Sanju covers saree on Pankhudi and says she is looking delightful. Sumiti asks Purva for what valid reason is she vexed. Sanju gets a call and goes. Purva attempts another saree. Vedant likes it. Manjula demonstrates the ring to Pankhudi. Sanju says he will give the exorbitant one and says he needs to do roka and commitment both. Gomti prods him. Vedant takes a gander at Purva through the chain. Purva grins. Pankhudi gets agitated and thinks to accomplish something significant, not little connivance like kheer, for which Purva will be accused. She pardons herself. Sumiti comes to Pankhudi and inquires as to whether she is distraught. Pankhudi says abshagun occurred after she came there. Sumiti says in the event that she didn’t see when Purva was making kheer. Pankhudi reviews adding lemon to the kheer to soured it and reveals to Sumiti that she went to kitchen to get water. She says she is missing Nani. Sumiti is far fetched about her.

Vedant reveals to Dadi that as she is angry with the marriage, she isn’t guiding. He requests that her concur. Dadi says Ramesh’s choice isn’t right and tells that Sanju and pankhudi are not good for one another. Purva brings cheddar sandwich for Dadi and requests that her concur. Dadi says on the off chance that my Ram and Sita concur for this, at that point its alright. Dadi says we will have it by and large. They have the sandwich.

Courses of action are done in the house for roka function. Sumiti discloses to Gomti that she is resembling a courageous woman. Manjula asks the person when he will do the enrichment. He says he will do soon. Vedant is going to medical clinic. Manjula stops him. Vedant says he need sto proceed to will return soon. Manjula asks did you have something. Vedant asks her not to stress. Purva calls him. Vedant turns and takes a gander at her. He draws close to her and takes her to side. He holds her jaw and says you are looking more excellent than the lady. Purva says I wish I could have disclosed to you that you are looking more attractive than the husband to be. Vedant says let him prepare first and afterward you can’t remove your eyes off me. He says then individuals will say one attractive and one excellence. Purva says for that you need to precede time. Vedant requests the pending kiss as a blessing, and balances blossom in her hairs… .He says you overlooked something in a rush to meet me. Purva understands her shirt dori is open and requests that he tie it. Vedant ties it.

Purva asks did you tie it appropriately. Vedant says it is a tight bunch and won’t open. He says until I am outside, you are Vedant and requests that her handle everything. Purva says I can’t be impeccable like you, yet guarantee to attempt. He says bye… and returns to her again and kisses on her cheeks. Purva grins. Pankhudi comes simply at that point and sees Vedant kissing her. Vedant says hello pankhudi and leaves. Purva reveals to her that she prepared the room and inquires as to whether she needs anything. Pankhudi recorded Purva conversing with Nani and requesting that her accomplish something and stop Sanju and Pankhudi’s marriage as she don’t need it. She supposes to demonstrate this video to everybody, reprimanding her for breaking the collusion. Radhika is going out. Sumiti stops her and approaches her to prepare for the enormous test at home. Radhika says she is having 2 hours additional classes. Sumiti says she will prepare her. Vedant assembles Prateik and fixes a conference. He gets other specialist’s call and advises that he is coming to medical clinic.

Purva looks for the ring and supposes it is absent. Pankhudi is having that ring and thinks today roka won’t occur, yet she needs to plan something important for break this coalition. She prepares and is irate. Dadi comes to Purva and asks of everything is okay. Purva says yes. Pankhudi supposes she is preparing for that imbecile Sanju and thinks about the video. Dadi comes there and demonstrates the familial mang tika for her. She says I will make you wear the jhumkas. She makes her wear jhumka and inquires as to whether she is disturbed, and says everything is occurring according to your desire. She says might be you are feeling awful as today is the huge day for you. Pankhudi says she is concerned, yet not as a result of today, but since tuning in to Purva and demonstrates her video of Purva conversing with Nani. Dadi is stunned and pours water on the telephone. Pankhudi says my telephone and attempts to check, yet it isn’t exchanging on. Dadi asks her not to stress and inquires as to whether she cherishes sanju. Pankhudi gestures yes. Dadi thinks even I don’t need Sanju to wed Pankhudi, yet don’t need anybody to raise fingers on Purva once more. Purva takes a gander at the chain purchased by Vedant for her and believes Vedant’s help is with her.

Precap: Pankhudi tells everybody that Purva is having the wedding band. Ramesh asks Vedant where is Purva and reproves him.


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