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The Episode starts with Dadi asking Purva if she liked the saree. Vedant nods no, sitting a ways away from her. Dadi smiles. Sanju covers saree on Pankhudi and says she is calling lovely. Sumiti asks Purva why is she dissatisfied. Sanju receives a name and goes. Purva attempts every other saree. Vedant likes it. Manjula suggests the ring to Pankhudi. Sanju says he’ll provide the high priced one and says he desires to do roka and engagement both. Gomti teases him. Vedant appears at Purva through the chain. Purva smiles. Pankhudi gets disenchanted and thinks to do some thing big, no longer small conspiracy like kheer, for which Purva may be blamed. She excuses herself. Sumiti involves Pankhudi and asks if she isn’t happy. Pankhudi says abshagun took place after she got here there. Sumiti says if she didn’t see whilst Purva changed into making kheer. Pankhudi recollects adding lemon to the kheer to curdled it and tells Sumiti that she went to kitchen to get water. She says she is lacking Nani. Sumiti is dubious about her.
Vedant tells Dadi that as she is dissatisfied with the wedding, she isn’t always telling what to do. He asks her to agree. Dadi says Ramesh’s decision is inaccurate and tells that Sanju and pankhudi are not like minded for every different. Purva brings cheese sandwich for Dadi and asks her to agree. Dadi says if my Ram and Sita agree for this, then its adequate. Dadi says we can have it altogether. they’ve the sandwich.

Preparations are carried out in the house for roka rite. Sumiti tells Gomti that she is calling like a heroine. Manjula asks the fellow whilst he’ll do the ornament. He says he’ll do soon. Vedant is going to medical institution. Manjula stops him. Vedant says he want sto move and will return soon. Manjula asks did you have got some thing. Vedant asks her now not to worry. Purva calls him. Vedant turns and looks at her. He comes close to her and takes her to aspect. He holds her chin and says you’re looking greater stunning than the bride. Purva says I want I ought to have told you which you are searching greater handsome than the groom. Vedant says allow him get prepared first after which you may’t take off your eyes off me. He says then human beings will say one good-looking and one beauty. Purva says for that you have to come earlier than time. Vedant asks for the pending kiss as a present, and hangs flower in her hairs….He says you forgot something in a hurry to meet me. Purva realizes her shirt dori is open and asks him to tie it. Vedant ties it.

Purva asks did you tie it well. Vedant says it’s miles a decent knot and could now not open. He says until i am outdoor, you are Vedant and asks her to deal with the entirety. Purva says i’m able to’t be perfect such as you, however promise to strive. He says bye…and springs returned to her again and kisses on her cheeks. Purva smiles. Pankhudi comes just then and sees Vedant kissing her. Vedant says hello pankhudi and leaves. Purva tells her that she were given the room ready and asks her to inform if she wishes some thing. Pankhudi recalls recording Purva talking to Nani and asking her to do something and prevent Sanju and Pankhudi’s marriage as she don’t want it. She thinks to reveal this video to anyone, blaming her for breaking the alliance. Radhika is going out. Sumiti stops her and asks her to get prepared for the big examination at domestic. Radhika says she is having 2 hours more training. Sumiti says she will be able to get her equipped. Vedant calls Prateik and fixes a meeting. He receives other health practitioner’s call and tells that he is coming to health center.

Purva searches for the hoop and thinks it is lacking. Pankhudi is having that ring and thinks today roka will no longer appear, however she has to do some thing big to break this alliance. She receives geared up and is angry. Dadi involves Purva and asks of the entirety is alright. Purva says yes. Pankhudi thinks she is getting equipped for that fool Sanju and thinks of the video. Dadi comes there and suggests the ancestral mang tika for her. She says i can make you wear the jhumkas. She makes her wear jhumka and asks if she is not glad, and says everything is going on as consistent with your want. She says can be you are feeling bad as today is the large day for you. Pankhudi says she is involved, but now not because of these days, however due to the fact being attentive to Purva and shows her video of Purva speakme to Nani. Dadi is taken aback and pours water at the smartphone. Pankhudi says my phone and attempts to test, but it isn’t always switching on. Dadi asks her not to worry and asks if she loves sanju. Pankhudi nods yes. Dadi thinks even I don’t want Sanju to marry Pankhudi, however don’t need anyone to raise hands on Purva once more. Purva seems at the chain offered with the aid of Vedant for her and thinks Vedant’s help is together with her.

Precap: Pankhudi tells absolutely everyone that Purva is having the engagement ring. Ramesh asks Vedant in which is Purva and scolds him.


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