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The Episode begins with Ramesh revealing to Chaturvedi that they will fix the coalition and seal it with commitment. Chaturvedi concurs. Ramesh applies Tilak to Radhika and Avinash and gives shagun cash to Avinash, stunning everybody. Chaturvedi gives cash in Radhika’s grasp. Radhika takes a gander at Vedant as Ramesh gives her turn in Avinash’s grasp and requests that he keep her cheerful. Gomti figures such abrupt union can occur in Ramesh’s standard.

Later Radhika is in room and crying. Vedant asks her not to cry and says your sibling is with you. Purva says no one idea babu ji will do this. Radhika says Tau ji fixed her collusion. Narendra and Sumiti come there and hear Vedant saying Radhika that he will influence her to wed Prateik, as he is a decent person and she adores him. Narendra asks do you adore him? Sumiti says they can’t permit love marriage. Vedant reveals to them that he met Prateik and he is extremely a decent person. He educates that Radhika let them know concerning Prateik. Narendra asks her for what good reason she didn’t let him know. Vedant reveals to Narendra that he didn’t care for Avinash. Narendra concurs with Vedant.

Ramesh inquires as to whether he dropped Pankhudi bahu to her room. Sanju says indeed, she was extremely worn out. Ramesh asks Manjula to offer dessert to everybody. Narendra says you declared Radhika’s roka and didn’t converse with her. Ramesh says he don’t think he needs to inquire. Dadi says Narendra is correct. Ramesh says I have been taking choice all life. He insults Narendra for his protection work and approaches him to express gratitude toward him for his favors. Narendra says you have numerous favors on me, yet I won’t reimburse it with Radhika’s bliss. He says Radhika likes a person whom Vedant met and he is an extremely pleasant person. Ramesh says you won’t take her choice. Narendra says my little girl adores him, much the same as Sanju cherishes Pankhudi. Ramesh asks Narendra not to contrast his child and Radhika and requests that he go out. Sumiti says Radhika is a young lady and she will influence her to get it. Vedant says we are discussing her marriage, so she is definitely not a young lady. He asks Ramesh to hear him out as Radhika is his sister.

Ramesh calls him filthy Gudadi and slaps him hard. He says when you are not my child, at that point how might you be her sibling. Vedant says then additionally, I won’t let anything incorrectly occur with her. Sumiti asks them not to meddle in their family matters. Vedant says I am nothing to all of you, however this house is everything to me and I won’t let anything incorrectly occur with her. He holds Radhika’s hand and takes her to room. Purva asks Radhika not to stress. Radhika says sorry to learn. Vedant says I will get you wedded to Prateik with relatives wish. Sumiti takes Narendra to room and says you fouled up by battling with Ramesh. Narendra says Bhai Saheb fouled up by fixing her collusion. Sumiti says all our extravagance is a direct result of Bhai Saheb and says on the off chance that we conflict with him, at that point we will wind up poor, which I don’t need. Narendra says do you know how Avinash is? Sumiti says we must be sharp and break the commitment with Ramesh’s endorsement.

Vedant converses with Dada ji’s pic and says I am with everybody, except no one is with me. He inquires as to for what reason did you request that I keep everybody joined together. Purva comes and embraces him, says in light of the fact that Dada ji used to confide in you, similar to I confide in you. She says she is dependably with him. She says I realize you are feeling vanquished, and requests that he close his eyes and see something great. Vedant says I simply need to see them joined together and upbeat. Purva says you will do this, and says I am glad for you, and I am with you in your attempt.

Sanju reveals to Ramesh that he is angry with Vedant as he said that when he is wedding Pankhudi then Radhika will wed Prateik. Ramesh says you will wed with your desire and Radhika will wed with my desire. He discloses to Sanju that he will get all the property on his name on his birthday. He gets a call and requests that the man prepare with the courses of action. Sanju asks what is his arranging? Ramesh says you will know before the day closes.

Everybody is eating at the table. Manjula requests that he pass the curd. Vedant provides for her. Dadi advises that she is going to Kil devi sanctuary for the harmony. Vedant says I will make courses of action for your movement.

Later Ramesh calls Someone when Vedant goes out, and requests that he take every necessary step. He calls Lawyer and inquires as to whether the work will be finished. Legal advisor says on the off chance that Vedant bites the dust because of any reason, at that point everything will be exchanged to him. He sees Dadi remaining on side of street and asks the driver. Dadi says vehicle halted. Vedant asks Dadi to accompany him and requests that driver take vehicle home. The lorry driver is behind Vedant’s vehicle and is going to hit his vehicle.

Precap Upcoming Raja Beta Episode Update: The lorry hits Vedant’s vehicle and the driver educates Ramesh that the work is finished. Purva calls Vedant and thinks why his telephone isn’t interfacing.


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