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Radhika is in room and crying. Vedant asks her no longer to cry and says your brother is with you. Purva says nobody idea babu ji will try this. Radhika says Tau ji fixed her alliance. Narendra and Sumiti come there and pay attention Vedant saying Radhika that he’s going to make her marry Prateik, as he’s a pleasing man and he or she loves him. Narendra asks do you like him? Sumiti says they can’t permit love marriage. Vedant tells them that he met Prateik and he’s simply a nice guy. He tells that Radhika instructed them approximately Prateik. Narendra asks her why she didn’t tell him. Vedant tells Narendra that he didn’t like Avinash. Narendra is of the same opinion with Vedant.

Ramesh asks if he dropped Pankhudi bahu to her room. Sanju says yes, she was very tired. Ramesh asks Manjula to offer icecream to all people. Narendra says you introduced Radhika’s roka and didn’t talk to her. Ramesh says he don’t assume he desires to ask. Dadi says Narendra is proper. Ramesh says i have been taking choice all life. He name callings Narendra for his coverage job and asks him to thank him for his favors. Narendra says you have many favors on me, but i’m able to now not repay it with Radhika’s happiness. He says Radhika likes a man whom Vedant met and he’s a actually nice guy. Ramesh says you may now not take her selection. Narendra says my daughter loves him, just like Sanju loves Pankhudi. Ramesh asks Narendra not to evaluate his son with Radhika and asks him to leave the house. Sumiti says Radhika is a female and she will make her understand. Vedant says we’re talking about her marriage, so she isn’t always a touch female. He asks Ramesh to pay attention to him as Radhika is his sister.

Ramesh calls him grimy Gudadi and slaps him difficult. He says whilst you are not my son, then how can you be her brother. Vedant says then also, I won’t permit whatever incorrect take place with her. Sumiti asks them no longer to intrude of their own family subjects. Vedant says i am not anything to you all, however this residence is the whole thing to me and i won’t allow whatever wrong appear with her. He holds Radhika’s hand and takes her to room. Purva asks Radhika now not to worry. Radhika says sorry to him. Vedant says i will get you married to Prateik with family contributors want. Sumiti takes Narendra to room and says you probably did incorrect by way of fighting with Ramesh. Narendra says Bhai Saheb did wrong by means of solving her alliance. Sumiti says all our luxurious is due to Bhai Saheb and says if we pass in opposition to him then we will become negative, which I don’t want. Narendra says do you understand how Avinash is? Sumiti says we have to be clever and wreck the engagement with Ramesh’s approval.

Vedant talks to Dada ji’s p.c and says i am with absolutely everyone, however no one is with me. He asks why did you question me to maintain everybody united. Purva comes and hugs him, says because Dada ji used to accept as true with you, like I believe you. She says she is always with him. She says I know you are feeling defeated, and asks him to shut his eyes and see something suitable. Vedant says I simply need to peer them united and satisfied. Purva says you may do this, and says i am proud of you, and i am with you for your strive.

Sanju tells Ramesh that he’s disenchanted with Vedant as he said that after he is marrying Pankhudi then Radhika will marry Prateik. Ramesh says you may marry with your want and Radhika will marry with my desire. He tells Sanju that he’s going to get all of the belongings on his name on his birthday. He receives a name and asks the person to get equipped with the arrangements. Sanju asks what’s his planning? Ramesh says you’ll understand before the day ends.every body is having breakfast on the desk. Manjula asks him to skip the curd. Vedant gives to her. Dadi tells that she is going to Kil devi temple for the peace. Vedant says i can make preparations to your travel.

Later Ramesh calls someone while Vedant leaves from the residence, and asks him to do the paintings. He calls attorney and asks if the paintings will be performed. lawyer says if Vedant dies due to any purpose then the whole lot will be transferred to him. He sees Dadi standing on aspect of avenue and asks the motive force. Dadi says automobile stopped. Vedant asks Dadi to come with him and asks motive force to take car domestic. The lorry motive force is at the back of Vedant’s car and is ready to hit his vehicle.

Precap: The lorry hits Vedant’s automobile and the driving force informs Ramesh that the paintings is finished. Purva calls Vedant and thinks why his telephone is not connecting.

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