Raja Beta 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pankhudi requests that herself accept on her lie with no apprehension. She says you need to pass Vedant’s heartbeat readi9ng effectively. She checks lying and thinks beat musicality haven’t changed and says I am prepared to overcome you in your own specialty, much the same as Shakuni Mama crushed Yudhishtar. She says now she will lie which Vedant can’t get. She says you won’t accept on what I state. She says something which is quieted and afterward advises that she needs to practice to state the huge untruth. Sanju is contemplating. Ramesh comes there and requests that he switch on the TV and play cricket. He says you will wed Pankhudi as it were. Sanju says I am considering. Manjula takes Ramesh with her. Sanju concentrates till late. He gets Pankhudi’s call and message. He gets up later and peruses that he fizzled and analyst is Pankhudi.

Purva comes to Vedant and irritates his rest by keeping something in his ears. He awakens incredibly and says I got late to go to clinic. Purva requests that he unwind and says he isn’t late. She tells that she caused tea for him and will to perform all responsibilities of a decent spouse, such as pressing his garments, keeps the nourishment prepared for him and so on. Vedant asks who guided you to do this work and says in the event that you need to be a decent spouse, at that point you will get me, adore me and so forth. He tastes the tea and says it is great. Purva tastes it and says it is sugarless. She says on the off chance that it is important to deceive be a decent spouse. Vedant says my better half made it with so much love. Purva embraces him cheerfully.

Pankhudi tells that Vedant and Purva’s quality is their relationship and advises that they need to make them battle. She says she needs a lab report of some exceptional sickness. Ramesh asks what do you need? Pankhudi says she needs to make Vedant accept on an ailment which he couldn’t discover through heartbeat perusing and after that I will assault on him. She says she don’t need report from Prayagraj. Rahul says he will get it from Jaipur. Ramesh asks Sanju to support him.

Vedant solicits Purva to take care from her and have tablets. Purva says I am not a little child. Dadi gets cheerful and says pregnant mother isn’t not exactly a young lady. While they talk, Purva thinks something. She says she is missing Pankhudi. Dadi says I was disclosing to Vedant that siblings and sisters are significant. He leaves for emergency clinic.

Pankhudi checks for the reports in the record room. Vedant hears clamor originating from the record room and thinks who is inside right now. She gets a report and thinks this will support her. Vedant is coming there. She composes something and attempts to hold back the reports. Vedant comes there and sees her. He inquires as to whether she was looking through something. She says she was looking through entangled case records. Vedant says this bureau isn’t of maternity dept. He gives her a record and inquires as to why she needs it. She says she needs to help him in heartbeat perusing and says thanks to him. Vedant asks her not to talk over and over. He leaves. She conceals the paper in her dress and plunks down. She supposes she will point on her rationale and will be alert.

Precap: Pankhudi asks Vedant to do Purva’s test. Vedant says I effectively checked her heartbeat and she is fine. Pankhudi figures whatever she will do now is extremely risky to try and consider.


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