Raja Beta 25th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Vedant telling Pankhudi that they will come home at 12 am and stay in storeroom. Pankhudi says ok. Gomti asks Alan to go from her house as he came in night. Alan says I was in your room. Gomti asks him to go. Pankhudi helps Vedant and Purva get inside the house. She sees Gomti hiding. Sanju comes there. Pankhudi tells that bua is hiding. Gomti says she was finding her ring. Pankhudi asks Sanju to talk to her. Sanju says I will count till three and you shall go to your room. Gomti signs Alan to go, while Pankhudi signs Vedant and purva to go. Alan goes out while Vedant and Purva run to storeroom. After sometime, Vedant sees Purva sleeping on his shoulder and gets angry on her. Purva says you know that I can’t sleep without pillow. Vedant tries to go out. Purva says Pankhudi has locked the door from outside. She says she is hungry. Vedant says Pankhudi will bring food when it is ready. Pankhudi takes rotis in her plate. Sumiti says your body is lean and you eat so much food. Pankhudi says yesterday I was fasting so hungry tonight. Manjula says she will go to meet Vedant. Ramesh says I will also come. Pankhudi gets up and tells that she will have food in her room. She comes to the storeroom and gives food to Purva. Purva eats it. Pankhudi tells Vedant that Ramesh and Manjula are going to Police station. She says she will get the car ready and asks him to come. Vedant sees Purva having food fast. She signs him to eat. He goes out. Pankhudi asks Ramesh to go from the other way as the roads are blocked due to the pandal. Ramesh says ok. Vedant comes and sits in car. Pankhudi says Ramesh will be 11 mins late than us.

Ramesh and Manjula come to Police station. Vedant is brought by the Police. Manjula asks how is he? Vedant smiles. Manjula says she is sure that he will be freed. Ramesh says who can keep the innocent captive. Vedant asks you believe that I am innocent. Ramesh says yes, hesitantly. Vedant says he will be proved innocent and tells that he got the courage from his Dadi and Manjula’s prayers. Manjula gives him clothes and leaves with Ramesh. Vedant tells Soham that he ran for 2 kms and came here, due to the traffic jam. Soham tells that he wants the guilty to do a mistake and get caught. Rahul comes to Sanjeevani Sadan. Dadi asks how dare you come here? Ramesh says I called him here as he was trying to commit suicide. Dadi says he murdered Purva. Ramesh says you said this,that fake purva. Manjula says what Vedant will think if he stays here. Sanju says bhaiyya is his guilty and will understand. Ramesh takes Rahul to his room.

Vedant comes back to storeroom. Purva asks if he won from Ramesh and tells that he brought Rahul in the house. Vedant says they didn’t tell Pankhudi and think if they are playing game with her. she says she don’t understand it and tells about watching film with him and not understanding the suspense. She says I read all books about Purva as you think.

Parvati ji is sitting. Mahadev comes there and tells that your bhakt is questioning you about her face. She asks if destiny will change. Mahadev says they will do what is decided in the destiny. Parvati says you have chosen the destiny of good and bad person.

Later Rahul is sleeping in the house, when he sees Purva’s ghost and gets scared. Purva says I will take you to the same place, where you took me. She says she will do the same thing with him. She steps on something and says ouch. Rahul says ghost don’t get scared and gets up and holds her hands asking her to show her face. She says if you see my face then you will be dead. Vedant comes and hits on his head. Rahul falls on bed. He thinks if she was a ghost. Purva tells Vedant that it is good that you came at the right time. She holds his hand. She says he was about to confess when someone came under her feet. Vedant says he didn’t see your face. Purva says we have covered half of the distance.


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