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The Episode begins with Vedant soliciting Purva to wind up expressive from her sentiments. Purva draws close to him. Vedant says you are caught with me, your significant other takes a gander at you and need to get notification from all of you life. He drinks something and contacts her face. He at that point leaves room. Purva supposes he looks like Vedant, yet is looking another person. Ramesh takes paper from attorneys. Vedant comes and takes the papers from his hand. Ramesh requests that he return the papers. Vedant sits on couch and says you won’t beat that. He asks you needs to compromise me to get the papers. He asks your concern is that you don’t pay attention to me. He says this house mukhiya is me, and that implies I am the head. He inquires as to whether everybody comprehended. He consumes the papers. Purva grins. Vedant crushes the consuming papers with his foot and says sorry to attorney. He says now you can’t support him (Ramesh) and says thank you, marking towards the entryway.

Vedant says no one will bother me over the way that I am leader of the house, instead of get stamp from him (Ramesh). Ramesh gets irate and raises his hand to slap him. Vedant holds his neck and pushes him on the couch stunning everybody. Sanju looks furiously. Purva figures by what method can Vedant change abruptly. Vedant says think about your age before doing this. He says we will play babu ji’s preferred amusement bargain and requests that he call him by his name and calls him Tripathi Saheb. Pankhudi is upbeat seeing Vedant’s haughty conduct.

Pankhudi comes to Puva and says we are of one another family after Maa and Papa gone, and requests that her overlook everything. Purva says it will require investment. Pankhudi gets some information about his change conduct. Purva says when he left house, he was Vedant, yet whoever has returned isn’t him. Pankhudi says she is glad perceiving how he stood firm for himself.

Everybody hear band baja sound. Vedant carries band baja with Prateik and his folks. He asks Prateik to sit. Prateik sits reluctantly. Vedant requests that everybody control their unexpected faces and tells that the person is Prateik, Radhika’s eventual spouse and her inlaws Mrs and Mr. Sharma. Narendra and others welcomes them. He discloses to Prateik’s folks that he preferred Prateik so much, and observed him to be developed and understanding. Sanju is leaving. Vedant says you will not abandon asking me. He holds Radhika’s hand and influences her to sit with Prateik. He takes Radhika and Prateik’s pic and says I will get your prewedding photograph shoot. He loses cash in the wake of taking awful sight from him. He reveals to Ramesh that Prateik is superior to his decision and requests that he favor him. He makes Ramesh compelled to favor them. Sanju shouts..Vedant discloses to him that he will crush his face that no one will perceive. He declares that Radhika will wed Prateik. Radhika expresses gratitude toward Vedant and embraces him. Vedant says I revealed to you that you will wed with your desire and won’t let your life demolished. He asks band folks to play the band and says as a matter of first importance, young lady’s tauji will move. He prods Ramesh to move. He asks band folks to play band that way. He asks Purva and Manjula to greet the damad pleasantly.

He approaches Pankhudi to remain there for this evening and says we need to do the marriage plans. Narendra is cheerful and supposes where was this Vedant covered up? Sumiti tells that Prateik’s mom wasn’t wearing any great gems, and says she won’t let her wed in a poor family and she will wed Avinash as it were. Ramesh comes and tells that Radhika will wed Avinash as it were. Sumiti says how we will persuade Radhika. Pankhudi goes to her room and sees Sanju there. Sanju says Vedant did directly by halting her in their home. He holds her legs and says you are tied with me and this is the footcuff. Pankhudi requests that he abandon her. Sanju makes her wear anklet and requests that her state I adore you. he says he is frantic for her and this marriage is only a custom. He requests that her wear the other anklet. Pankhudi removes the anklet. Vedant comes and sits on Ramesh’s seat. Ramesh gets irate. Vedant says Dada ji made him the leader of the house.

Precap Upcoming Raja Beta Episode Update: Vedant converses with Ramesh in Dadi’s voice and says she is going to chardham. Ramesh requests that her arrival soon. Somebody comes to Vedant and applauds.


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