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Dadi asks Vedant to sit and have nourishment. She asks Purva to sit with her. She finds the cushion on the seat. Dadi requests that her sit and advises that Pankhudi requested that her eat at legitimate time and sent this meethi dish for you. Purva gets contacted and calls her. Pankhudi is occupied with Dr. Shukla and picks her call. She says I am occupied and will call you later. Dr. Shukla tells about the patient. Purva feels terrible and tells that Pankhudi is doing work alone and dealing with her too. Dadi says Shanti used to state that you are her pride and Pankhudi is her trust.

Purva calls Pankhudi and says I miss you… She cries. Pankhudi looks on. Ramesh thinks if Pankhudi will come in her passionate talks. Vedant brings Purva to room and causes her to sit. He gives her tablet to eat. Purva eats the tablet and tells that she was passionate and cried infront of everybody, what they may think. Vedant says they should comprehend your worry and feelings for your sister and asks her not to feel remorseful. Purva says how would you comprehend me without I state anything. She inquires as to whether you cherish me generally. He says no and after that says more than this and embraces her. Ramesh calls Pankhudi and tells that Purva cried a great deal. Pankhudi says absurd Purva di and tells that she thought her phony worry as genuine. Ramesh inquires as to whether she will sell out them and get enthusiastic for her. Pankhudi says Purva di made me cried a great deal and I won’t go amiss from my main goal.

Narendra peruses the report about a man slaughtering his uncle. Sumiti hacks. Gomti says it isn’t Sanjeevani Sadan’s news. Sumiti says our Vedant is Ram and he considers me his mom. She says I was stunned to hear such nephews are there. Purva feels child kick and tells everybody. Dadi says appears as though your fourth month began. Purva says last time, it was not all that hard. Sumiti says fourth month began just. Sanju grins. Vedant says she felt child development yesterday too. Dadi requests that her state jai balgopal multiple times. Purva says something very similar. Manjula expedites salt and puts her shoulder saying that the infant will be clever. Narendra says rasam was done at your time likewise, yet appears as though chuna was poured rather than salt. Everybody giggles. Sanju says clever. Sumiti says she will consume camphor in the sanctuary to avoid insidiousness locate from her. Vedant takes Purva to room.

Pankhudi converses with Dr. Bhatnagar and says I need your assistance and meet you at 11 am. She supposes to rehearse the untruth which she is going to tell Vedant. She says the thing which I am going to let you know, can shaken up our reality and tells something which is quieted, and checks her heartbeat. She supposes she will be an ideal and rehearsed liar. Purva makes Vedant hear the child kick. Vedant says I feel this day by day in emergency clinic. Purva says this is our infant and says sorry for lying. She says she is exceptionally energized. Vedant says as everybody is sitting tight for this infant. Purva says on the grounds that you are this present infant’s dad. She asks him not to go today. Vedant says he will follow making her rest. He makes her rest and kisses on her brow.

Vedant comes to emergency clinic. Medical attendant tells that Pankhudi didn’t come and told that she will come after 12 pm. Vedant meets Dr. Bhatnagar and gets some information about Vedant’s mix-up. Dr. Bhatnagar says I don’t recollect and tells that he is the best understudy up until this point. He asks what would you like to do by thinking about his misstep. She says she needs to gain from his mix-ups. Pankhudi tells about the case and says infant was HIV positive. Dr. Bhatnagar tells that such child’s heartbeat can’t be make sense of. Pankhudi smiles. She comes to Dr. Vedant and advises that she went to Mary’s home to check her child. Vedant values her. Pankhudi says I need to converse with you and says we will complete Purva’s test as she is 5 months pregnant. He says I did her heartbeat test and she is fine. Pankhudi thinks what I will do will be extremely perilous. She looks on evilly.

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