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Ramesh telling Gomti that Preetam refused to marry. Sumiti says I had bought 15000 worth sarees for the wedding. Gomti says my life is ruined. Ramesh says I can kick that female out proper now. Gomti says it will likely be proper and calls Purva as Maharani and asks her to get down. Purva comes there. Gomti says all my desires are ruined due to you and says while you’re taking the peaceful breathes, I get irritated. Does Dadi ask what’s all this? Ramesh tells that it’s miles taking place due to Vedant. Dadi asks why he continually blames her Vedant. Ramesh says I will tell you and takes her to the room and locks her. Dadi asks her to open the door. Ramesh asks Gomti to throw Purva and her stuff out. Radhika attempts to prevent them but useless. Purva attempts to name Vedant, but Gomti snatches her telephone and holds her hand to take her out.

Preetam asks Vedant if he’s doing this to persuade him. Vedant says I don’t blend my expert and personal existence. He says Maa Ji’s cancer is at the first level and can be treatable. He says in case you don’t accept as true with me then get her to take a look at by the different medical doctor. Pankhudi scolds Preetam and asks him to be thankful to him. Vedant asks Pankhudi to attend the sufferers. Preetam apologizes. Vedant asks him to depart. Dr Rashmi comes and says Sakshi desires to meet you earlier than going. Sakshi involves Vedant’s cabin and thanks him, she sees Preetam and says, Ravi…Preetam receives taken aback.

Gomti and Sumiti p.c. Purva’s stuff and asks her to be thankful to them. Ramesh asks them why they may be taking so much time and holds Purva’s hand. Purva says if you touch me then you may visit jail for a long time. Narendra asks Ramesh to leave Purva. Preetam calls Ramesh and asks him to come to the health centre. Ramesh tells Gomti that Preetam known as him to the clinic.

Police asks Preetam to mention fast. Preetam tells that Gomti’s circle of relatives is rich and it becomes easy to fool them. Vedant asks then why did you keep the situation if your eyes had been on cash. Preetam factors at Ramesh and says on his insistence. Vedant tells Ramesh that Preetam had promised marriage with Sakshi and this infant is his. Ramesh asks at what charge, he offered him. Preetam’s mum says this is reality and cries saying that she don’t have lifestyles now. She says we attempted to break Vedant’s house, because of your situation.

Vedant says lifestyles gives us 2nd danger. Police arrests Preetam. Vedant closes his cabin and asks Ramesh what he would have completed if Preetam needs will increase and says you couldn’t see his fact due to our ego. He says what you would have informed to Bua and Dadi then…He asks him to inform inside the house that Preetam refused to marry for some other cause and says I will inform the equal. He says I have three offers, and says you may not have an objection with Purva’s job, will have a good time Mahashivratri with anybody, and could deliver admire to Maa and Purva, and says my last situation is you’ll name me Vedant and no longer Gudadi lal. Ramesh is helpless to agree. Vedant walks out of his cabin with a smile on his face. Gomti’s heart beats fast and she or he tells that she is getting involved. Ramesh comes home and tells Gomti that Preetam left her for forever. Gomti cries and tells Dadi that she became a widow without marriage. Ramesh asks why you are crying aloud and says he refused to marry you and didn’t go away this world.

Gomti asks what? Vedant says Babu Ji will inform you the entirety. Ramesh says Preetam’s mum refused for the wedding and he couldn’t go against her selection. Gomti says he has promised me. Ramesh says what I am pronouncing is truth and I can seek an awesome man for you and now not betrayal like him. Dadi asks what are you saying? Ramesh says he had promised gomti and left him and sidelined together with his mum. Gomti blames Vedant and says he ought to have given an injection to Preetam. Ramesh says this Gudadi lal, and then says Vedant didn’t do something. anyone receives amazed to hear Vedant’s name from Ramesh’s mouth. Ramesh tells that after we don’t have any relation with them then Purva will stay within the house. Vedant symptoms Purva. Purva smiles. Vedant calls Ramesh. Ramesh turns and calls him Vedant Beta stunning all people. Vedant says shall we have dinner together nowadays. Ramesh says why no longer and calls Manjula, and then with a smooth voice asks Manjula as Manju and asks her to make pleasant food.

Sumiti faints on couch shockingly. Manjula gets happy. Gomti asks Purva to say that if her marriage stopped because of her. Purva says I was no longer there. Gomti says I recognise woman like you and is going to speak to Ramesh. Dadi takes Vedant to the room and asks him to inform what took place to Ramesh. He says he went angrily from home and came becoming sweet. Vedant says change is right. Does Dadi ask what’s the matter? Vedant asks are you satisfied? Dadi says I am satisfied, but greater surprised. He says Maa may be very happy, so shall we rejoice this happiness. Dadi says anything deal you have got done, I am hoping it is not proved pricey for you. Vedant says he will see tomorrow and could now not wreck his these days. Vedant dances thankfully. Purva is happy.

Gomti asks Ramesh what had taken place and asks him to tell. Ramesh thinks of Vedant’s condition. Gomti asks him to reply. Ramesh is silent. Gomti says I understood and asks her to sign her. She asks him to blink his eyes and tell. She asks if Vedant is the cause for my marriage break up and if he made you helpless. Ramesh blinks his eyes. Gomti says Purva will no longer rejoice any happiness, and my revenge will make her recollect what she snatched from me.

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Precap: Vedant dances with Purva at the same time as the tune plays….tu ishq ishq sa


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