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The Episode starts with Vedant expressing his like to Purva. Purva holds him and lie on the bed. He gets closer to her for a kiss, however just then Pankhudi stops their intimate moment by way of shouting di. Purva and Vedant get concerned. They run to her room and notice Sanju unconscious on mattress, and under the influence of alcohol Sanju trying to ask her to get up. Purva asks Sanju to transport and sprinkles water on her face. She sees her garments torn. Ramesh, Gomti and others come there. Ramesh asks what befell? Gomti sees wine bottle and says it seems he drank absolutely. Dadi says wine in Sanjeevani sadan. Sumiti says small maharani helped him. Purva says this could’t be viable. Pankhudi opens her eyes secretly and thinks di checked out the right location, as Purva looks within the glass and unearths white powder within the glass with wine. She thinks it’s far drugs.

Pankhudi pretends to be subconscious nevertheless. Purva asks Vedant to do something. Vedant lifts Pankhudi and takes her to his room. He is about to check her. Purva asks him no longer to the touch her and tells that she thinks Sanju raped her. Vedant says you’re just assuming it. Purva says Pankhudi become unconscious and Sanju changed into very close to her. Pankhudi opens her eyes and smiles. Purva says Pankhudi’s sleeve was torn and asks what become the white thing inside the glass? Vedant says Sanju will not do such cheap element and says we shall ask each of them. Purva says each Pankhudi and this glass could be tested. She locks the room and says she wants to speak to Sanju.
Pankhudi smiles and gets up. She recalls and a facebook is proven, Sanju involves her room and tells that they will pass on a date today. Pankhudi refuses to go along with him. He asks her to get equipped. She seems at the Champagne bottle and asks him if he can drink all bottle at one cross. Sanju says i will drink full bottle straight away. She provides two drugs in the glass and one within the bottle. She makes him drink the alternative drugged bottle also. Sanju gets an awful lot inebriated and tries to kiss her. She tears her sleeves and falls on bed with him. facebook ends. She rests on Vedant and Purva’s adorned flower bed and thinks only i have right on Vedant and on this mattress. She thinks Vedant shall be in this bed along with her and blows on the vegetation.

Purva splashes water on Sanju’s face and asks what did you do with Pankhudi. She asks him to reply. Dadi says what is taking place in my house and what he become doing in Pankhudi’s room. She asks if anyone recognize that he drinks wine. Vedant checks Sanju and tells that he isn’t in his senses and tells that he had drugged liquids. He says we will talk when he gains cognizance.

inside the morning, pankhudi acts to arise. Purva asks if she is satisfactory? Vedant comes and asks shall I check her? He checks her pulse and tells she is first-class. Pankhudi smiles. Purva says thank god and says we are able to get the check test done first. Vedant says i will call the health center to make the arrangements. Purva says we can get the take a look at done in a few different health center and tells that her sister’s appreciate is essential crucial to her. Purva and Pankhudi depart whilst Vedant is still at home. Sanju comes there and asks Manjula to provide him water. Vedant asks what passed off closing night. Sanju says my head is paining, and asks him to store him. Ramesh asks him to treat him first. Vedant asks him to consider what passed off closing night time and asks if he was under the influence of alcohol whilst he went there. He tells that he become going out with his friends so asked her to come back. He says she become getting past due, so I drank more. Dadi slaps him and asks if he did some thing wrong with her. Vedant asks do you recollect some thing. Ramesh scolds him.

Purva takes Pankhudi to different hospital. doctor tells that she saw the patient and flushed her stomach and despatched the pattern to check rape signs and symptoms. She asks why did you return right here being Dr. Vedant’s wife. Purva says they have been in a hurry. She asks Pankhudi what Sanju did together with her. Vedant is going behind Sanju while he gets vomiting and asks him if he mixed something in her drink. Sanju says I didn’t upload any tablet and tells that can be I requested her to drink. Vedant asks what did you do? Sanju asks him to shop him and tells that he can’t do something wrong.

Purva receives the report and is stunned. Vedant tells each person that Sanju didn’t whatever and he informed me the entirety. Ramesh scolds Sanju and asks once more, if he did something wrong. Purva comes and says i can inform you. She tells that Sanju didn’t rape her, however made her drink drugged wine. She slaps Sanju.

Precap Upcoming Raja Beta episode update: Purva tells that Sanju will visit jail now. Vedant asks her to leave him and tells even you don’t know the full reality.


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