Raja Beta 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vedant thinks about Pankhudi’s words. Vedant goes to Dada ji. He comes to room and sees Purva as yet dozing. He envisions child crying in the support and picking the infant in his arms. He says Papa will make everything fine and asks child not to cry. He holds the child back in the support. He says when you was in Mamma’s belly, I was apprehensive about the reports and battled. He says I have confidence on my heartbeat perusing and will consistently ensure you. He goes to Purva and afterward towards the support. He understands it was his creative mind. He supposes on the off chance that infant has any issue, at that point additionally I will bring this child into this world and will give him best life and will turn into his best Papa and couldn’t care less about individuals’ insults.

Purva awakens and sees him. He says you are prepared to go. He says he is leaving city for philanthropy center. Purva says you was abandoning meeting me. he says you was grinning while at the same time resting. Purva says she saw the infant calling first word Papa. She grins. Vedant requests that her prepare and says we will eat together. He requests that her prepare as Pankhudi will take her to emergency clinic for further test. Purva inquires as to whether something isn’t right in the test. Vedant says all is well.

At the eating table, Dadi asks Vedant what was the deal? Vedant says paratha is fragmented without your green chutney. Sanju says bhaiyya isn’t influenced. Ramesh says yesterday he was miserable and disturbed. Gomti prods him. Pankhudi comes there. Vedant requests that her sit and says Purva came. Pankhudi thinks Vedant is quiet. Purva says she is stressed over examination. Vedant asks her not to stress. Dadi says it is great. Purva calls him. He asks did I overlook something. Purva gives her hand. He says I checked the previous evening and all is well. Purva says I need hear that all is well. Vedant checks her heartbeat and says all is well. Pankhudi gets strained. Vedant leaves. Pankhudi signs Sanju and goes to kitchen. Sanju asks Ramesh to eat and goes. In the kitchen,

Pankhudi asks Sanju not to do anything incorrectly and says today is the enormous day. Sanju says yes and says I thought we are secured kitchen. Pankhudi says Vedant isn’t concerned today and requests that he do as she said and says in the event that you pass, at that point just I will wed you. Sanju grins. Pankhudi keeps the espresso mug. Purva is going to drink. Pankhudi asks her not to drink it. She carries her to some other medical clinic. Purva inquires as to whether her sister can come inside. Specialist says yes. She does her ultrasonography done. Rahul reveals to Sanju that he is Rahul Gupta HIV positive and says now young ladies won’t draw close to her. Sanju requests that he ward off the young ladies until he traps Purva. Pankhudi reveals to Doctor that she needs to become familiar with the method. Purva says she will pass without anyone else’s input and embraces Pankhudi. Pankhudi includes the HIV test in Purva blood when Doctor goes to telephone call from her number. Pankhudi says it was dialed unintentionally. Afterward, Pankhudi calls Vedant and requests that he have fearlessness and says we need to deal with Purva. He requests that her determine what is in the reports? Pankhudi says it is written in reports that the child is HIV positive.

Precap: Vedant broke and plunks down on street. He asks God not to give anything a chance to happen to his child and not to let Purva break.


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