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The Episode starts with Vedant cuts the decision earlier than Pankhudi asks him what happened. She seems on revengeful. He gets down from his car. Purva calls him and asks whilst he’s going to come home. Vedant says he’s busy with an emergency and will come home. Purva says you didn’t ask me about my tests. Vedant says i can talk to you after coming domestic. He asks God if he’s there or not and asks him to store him to shop his child and now not to allow Purva wreck. He calls Pankhudi again and asks her to satisfy him in the medical institution. Pankhudi smiles victoriously and says ok. Sanju tells that Rahul’s HIV tremendous file is prepared. Rahul asks him to say in low music and asks him to show the humans. Sanju says i can do this, talk to me with manners. He says i can get the picture replica. Rahul asks what Pankhu will do with the photograph replica?

Sanju says she is Pankhu for me and not for you. Rahul says I don’t should have a scene along with her, says she could be very risky and Purva is innocent. Sanju says you are becoming Purva returned due to my risky Pankhudi.

Vedant tells Pankhudi that they’ll not inform whatever to Purva right now. Pankhudi says ok and says whenever you watched is the right time then tell her. Vedant says one shall no longer see the goals so that when one receives happiness then will be happy and once they get ache then they shall not experience horrific. Pankhudi says few things aren’t in our fingers now and again. Vedant says my pulse reading made me failed nowadays. He says I notion reviews might be ordinary. She says what we can do now. She says I suppose we have to get Di’s HIV check done. Vedant is stunned. He says this can’t appear, my baby isn’t HIV wonderful. He says he’ll get the check done again. Pankhudi says we don’t have this test facility so I were given this take a look at performed in Dr. Rima’s sanatorium. Vedant says he don’t agree. She says she took Dr. Malik’s opinion also. Vedant says this isn’t always possible as this baby isn’t HIV fine. Pankhudi says i can get Di’s ELISA check to make sure she is best. Vedant says Purva isn’t always HIV fantastic and says not even him and this baby. Pankhudi says this baby isn’t always yours. Vedant says I don’t want you and your probabilities and asks her to get out. She makes a crying face and leaves. She goes out and smirks luckily. She says whatever can appear and walks proudly at her plan. Vedant assessments the files and searches on internet. He receives Purva’s call and doesn’t solution.

Ramesh tells Dadi that this time Sanju will bypass. Dadi says when he bypass the examination then she will be very glad and says if he don’t pass then be given. Ramesh says Sanju will pass then you will handover hospital in his hand. Purva tells Dadi that Vedant is not picking her calls. She gets involved for him and says he’s in problem. Ramesh smiles.

Vedant assessments the files and gets disappointed. Purva waits for him in the house and gets involved for Vedant. She calls him and reveals his cellphone switched off. She thinks if he’s high-quality. Pankhudi is having icecream inside the health center. Purva calls her and asks do wherein is Vedant? Pankhudi says she don’t recognize and lies that she is at home. Purva ends the decision. Pankhudi says you gave all my future to me and says you didn’t recognise which you gave a huge proportion to me. She says i’m able to see what my internet astrology say. She says Pankhudi may be very Happy and Purva will drown in her tears. Purva is worried and knocks on Dadi, also at Manjula and Ramesh’s room. they come out of room. Dadi asks what occurred. Purva worriedly tells that Vedant haven’t back until now. Sumiti says if he met with an coincidence. Narendra asks Sanju to visit medical institution. He refuses. Ramesh sends him to clinic. Manjula asks Purva now not to cry. Sanju involves Pankhudi and asks where is Vedant? She says I recognize Purva may be crying and woke up anybody. She says i was watching for you right here and tells that Vedant is in the cabin. Sanju laughs and says oh, says ofcourse you would possibly have deliberate something. He says i can just and is derived nearer her. She threatens him holding knife. She asks him to pay attention on research and pushes him asking him to take Vedant to Sanjeevani Sadan. once he is going, she says mad fellow.

Sanju brings Vedant domestic. Purva hugs him. Vedant is in shock nevertheless. Dadi asks wherein became you? you took a lot time. Ramesh asks where turned into he? Sanju says he changed into in his cabin within the medical institution. Manjula says why your smartphone became off. He is going without answering them. Sumiti says he didn’t answer. Narendra says he appears to be harassed out. Vedant is going to the toilet and stands beneath the bathe. He then sits down. ghutta hai dam dam dam dam Purva is concerned and springs to room. She comes within the bathroom. She switches off the tap and asks what took place, I understand something serious has happened.

Precap: Purva is inside the OT. Vedant says the whole lot is excellent. He gets geared up to function on her and says sorry.


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