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Dadi comes to Manjula and requests that her give the icon which she provided for her when Sanju was conceived. She says she needs to offer it to Purva. Manjula says it has Sanju’s better half’s rights as it is our predecessors’ venerated image. Dadi inquires as to whether Ramesh showed her this. Manjula takes out the icon and provides for Dadi. Pankhudi comes to Vedant and discloses to him that Di that Purva is acting abnormally. She says on the off chance that you hear, at that point you will wind up astounded. She tells something stunning Vedant. Vedant says on the off chance that she thought as far as possible. He asks what did you say? She says she was dumbfounded.

Vedant solicits her not to go infront from Purva for couple of days and tells that anything she desires can’t occur. He discloses to her that he will accomplish something which Purva isn’t anticipating. He leaves his lodge. Pankhudi keeps running behind him, however stops. Vedant is as yet strolling. Pankhdi goes to Vedant’s lodge and envisions Purva telling that when Vedant don’t love you then you can’t grab him from me. She says you won’t get anything and will be destroyed. She helps her to remember Ravan’s story. Pankhudi says my story is unique. Purva says your story will end attempting to get him. Pankhudi says I can’t acknowledge rout and will do anything. She says Vedant is only mine.

At home, Gomti tells that what she will do, on the off chance that she will wed a single man or become Dadi without marriage. She requests that whom wed, a single man with girls or children. Manjula says young ladies will go, and children will plunder everything. Your child won’t get anything. Sumiti says she is discussing Vedant and Sanju. Manjula says Vedant got everything and Sanju didn’t get anything. Dr. Sushma comes to Vedant and asks will I return home ahead of schedule, as my significant other’s hand is scorched while making something for me. Vedant requests that her go. Purva faculties his essence outside the ward, however he leaves from that point. Purva asks Nurse when she will return home? Medical attendant says Dr. Vedant is preparing your papers. Vedant calls Manjula and reveals to her that he is bringing Purva home in 60 minutes. Manjula says alright and closes the call. Vedant thinks unusual response. Purva comes to Vedant and asks when they will return home. Vedant says he needs to check two patients. Purva asks will I go with Pankhudi. Vedant says she officially left. He says I told at home, we will leave in 45 mins most extreme. He is checking the documents. Purva respects him. Jo tu mera humdum hai… .She supposes Vedant is of Pankhudi so he has the privilege on him and not me. Manjula reveals to Daid that Vedant called and said that he is bringing Purva home in 60 minutes. Dadi expresses gratitude toward God and requests that her make kheer as it is preferred by her. She asks Sumiti to make the thali prepared to respect her. Sumiti says ji Amma and gives cold response. Dadi asks what was the deal? Ramesh says there is nothing more than trouble news. Dadi says she may be pregnant. Ramesh says we asked, yet they didn’t advise her. Dadi says I am certain that Vedant will give this uplifting news. She asks Manjula to make the puja thaal prepared. Ramesh gets chafed. Manjula says alright.

Pankhudi is sitting in the recreation center. Sanju brings frozen yogurt for him and says thanks to her. Pankhudi acts sweet with him. Sanju says Dadi was correct, in the event that I have a go at winning your heart, at that point I will win you. She says on the off chance that we were not relatives and on the off chance that I was a specialist in your medical clinic, at that point what you would have done. Sanju says it would have been increasingly hard for me to charm me and would have taken you for adorable dates with the goal that you don’t cannot. Pankhudi says on the off chance that I had a beau, at that point? Sanju says then my jwalamukhi would have blasted and I would have consumed your sweetheart. Pankhudi supposes she will end up being a progressively fruitful specialist or will make Purva leave from her way.

Vedant takes Purva to home and stop the vehicle. He asks what is happening in your heart. Purva says I revealed to you ordinarily. Vedant says will I reveal to you a story. He says a gyaani baba used to sit under the tree in a town, and People used to go to him with their issues. He says baba told joke once, everybody giggled. He again told a similar joke and after that additionally they chuckled a bit. He again told a similar joke, no one giggled. Purva says how they will giggle hearing a similar joke once more. Vedant asks her not to get pressure, however give him at some point to think. Purva says in the event that it turns out to be late and on the off chance that this infant comes, at that point everything will change. Vedant says life will change, however nothing will change between us. He takes a gander at Purva. Purva likewise takes a gander at him.

Precap: Manjula does Purva and Vedant’s aarti and turns her face. Ramesh says let us contact your feet. Manjula says no need.


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