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The Episode begins with everybody getting stunned seeing Vedant on the mandap. Vedant discloses to Pandit ji that he had eaten half of the mantras and says without a doubt Tripathi ji hustled just a bit. He peeps in Purva’s shroud and says howdy wifey and after that lifts her ghunghat. Purva grins. Pankhudi is furious. Vedant kisses on Purva’s hand. Vedant says last time he wedded because of weakness, and now truly appreciated this impractical wedding. He discloses to Purva that she got hitched to him for seven births now. Sumiti asks Ramesh where is Narendra? Chaturvedi asks where is my child? Vedant says he is inside the room. Sanju and Sumiti get furious. Vedant requests that they proceed to free him. Sumiti says you have deferred the wedding and asks where is Radhika? Vedant says he completed the marriage ideal individual and says Narendra likewise came to there. he reveals to Ramesh that he kept his words and got both sibling and sister got hitched on an equivalent day. He calls Narendra to bring them. Narendra brings Prateik and Radhika wedded there. Narendra stole Sumiti’s telephone and calling Vedant. Vedant comes there. Purva wears Radhika’s dress. Radhika leaves the window. Vedant comes to Avinash and hits him, making him oblivious and ties him.

Radhika and Prateik take endowments of Purva and Vedant. Purva says we have trusted and gave you Radhika. Vedant asks him not to break Radhika’s trust. Narendra solicits Prateik to take care from her dependably. Prateik says I adore her and will deal with her dependably. Radhika embraces Vedant cheerfully.

Vedant brings cake for Dadi and says today is your birthday. He says I brought choco chips cake for you and inquires as to whether she would prefer not to take endowments from everybody. He discloses to Purva that when Sanju had his first birthday celebration, I was tragic as no one thought about my birthday, at that point Dadi said that I am exceptionally fortunate as I will have my birthday on the date picked by me, and says since that day Dadi turned into my superman. He says she gave me a toffee on my birthday. He asks her not to cheat and hear him out, says you can hear me naa..he calls her Dadi. Purva says Dadi realizes that you are with her and that is the reason used to state Vedant haina. Vedant says I am nothing with my Dadi and says when there was no one with me then Dadi remained by me and says in the event that she had seen me crying, at that point she would have feel torment. He inquires as to whether Dadi is irate as I am battling with family. Purva says you are battling with their way and says Dadi is quiet and supporting you, give you quality so no one makes her shield. Dadi flickers her eyes. Vedant inquires as to whether he is doing well. Dadi flickers her eyes. Purva inquires as to whether she can hear them at that point flicker her eyes. Vedant inquires as to whether I am not fouling up by battling with family. Dadi flickers her eyes. Vedant is glad. Purva says lets cut the cake. She keeps the flame and they blow on it. Vedant and Purva takes a gander at Dadi. They cut the cake and sings upbeat birthday dear Dadi. They make each other have the cake. Dadi looks on.

At Sanjeevani Sadan, Sumiti tells that Radhika more likely than not become Servant in her home. Ramesh says her dad has picked this for her and asks her not to anticipate anything from them. Narendra brings desserts and says it is from Radhika’s sasural. He offers desserts to Sumiti and Ramesh. Ramesh is going to toss it. Narendra moves the desserts box and says this much sweetness isn’t sufficient for you. Sanju returns home and reveals to Ramesh that Vedant has begun another ward where individuals will get free treatment on Dadi’s birthday. Ramesh gets irate and calls Dadi. He says Gudadi lal demonstrated his real nature after you proceeded to state Radhika’s marriage. Vedant in Dadi’s voice says I thought you called to wish me on my birthday and says Vedant will deal with everything. He closes the call. Manjula offers tea to Ramesh. Ramesh thinks to utilize Manjula against Vedant.

Narendra demonstrates samosa and chutney to Sumiti. Sumiti says I had your selling out and it is sufficient. Narendra says I couldn’t stand to see you upset. He inquires as to whether he resembled bhai saheb. Sumiti says then I would have kicked the bucket. Narendra says he got Radhika wedded so that doesn’t occur. Sumiti says Radhika has got hitched in poor family. Vedant sentiments with Purva in the vehicle… tune plays… ..He drives the vehicle. Manjula is on street holding a major utensil under the sun. Manjula says your dad needed the common boiling water to make his facial hair. Vedant says I will take it. Manjula says no, I will take it. Vedant thinks to render retribution from him for his mom’s affront.

Precap Upcoming Raja Beta Episode Update: Ramesh asks Manjula to clean his vehicle. Vedant asks Ramesh not to inconvenience his maa and requests that he guide. Ramesh requests that he give medical clinic and property to him.


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