Raja Beta 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Gomti says she feels a great deal warm there. Vedant asks her to cook. He asks Sumiti to smooth and Sanju to smooth the clothes. Sanju thinks this new development will now not be for lengthy. Ramesh goes. Vedant says Tripathi ji went for a starvation strike and asks others to decide what they want. He asks Purva to have paneer which is right for each person’s health. Ramesh receives irritated and thinks awful blood is showing its impact. He calls Dadi. Dadi says i’m going on a chaar daam yatra. Ramesh asks her to come back back quickly. it’s far definitely Vedant who’s speaking in Dadi’s voice. Ramesh says Gudadi lal right here….Dadi says Vedant and says she can’t listen him. He ends the decision. Purva comes there and claps She tells that she observed him seeing his modified conduct. Vedant says my wife has emerge as secret agent. She asks him to say atleast. Vedant pulls curtain and indicates Dadi at the bed. Purva is stunned and asks what happened to Dadi.

Vedant says dadi’s automobile had stopped when she changed into going to temple. So he made her sit down in his automobile and then she met with an accident. Purva asks why Dadi’s eyes are open. Vedant says it become the conspiracy to kill me, however Dadi changed into victimized. i used to be felt like I became orphan. Purva says conspiracy? Vedant says it was completed through Ramesh Tripathi and says i will punish him for Dadi. Ramesh calls Sanju and Sumiti to make a plan. Vedant tells Purva that Soham made the truck driving force confessed and he took Ramesh’s name. Ramesh, Sumiti and Sanju take unconscious Radhika out of the house. Vedant cries and asks dadi to go back soon. Purva says i can help you with out asking any question and says this punishment doesn’t deserve any forgiveness. Vedant says this combat isn’t easy and says I felt peace seeing you right here and that i want you…She hugs him.

Ramesh calls Sanju and asks him to make all of us ready and reach Venue. He says tell them to get ready for the celebration except Purva and Vedant. Sanju asks Pandit ji to do the shortcut marriage fast. Narendra says this shall now not manifest. Ramesh says some thing I want will manifest and asks him to welcome the samdhis. He snatches smartphone from his hand. Sumiti makes Radhika ready for marriage at the same time as her mouth is taped. Narendra feels awful and talks to Sumiti about Radhika’s happiness. Sumiti says what subjects is that her daughter will marry in a wealthy residence. She says they are mother and father and shall rectify her mistake.

Ramesh welcomes Chaturvedi and Avinash. Avinash’s pals fireplace gun in air. Manjula and Gomti get scared. Sumiti comes and welcomes Avinash with aarti. Purva and Vedant come to Radhika’s room thru window and try all of the keys, and surprise that’s the important thing. Purva and Vedant look on shocked. Sumiti opens the door and says you might be irritated now, but will be satisfied in your sasural. She takes the lady outside who’s within the veil. The groom and the veiled bride trade garlands. They tie the ghatbandhan. Ramesh and Manjula do the kanyadaan. Pandit ji asks them to get up for rounds. They take rounds….all and sundry bathe flower petals on them. Pandit ji asks them to sit down and asks groom to use sindoor in her maang and make her wear mangalsutra. The groom does the rituals. Pandit ji says the marriage is completed now. Vedant lifts the sehra and says you have finished wrong Pandit ji. all of us is greatly surprised to see Vedant in groom’s attire. He smiles.

Precap: Vedant tells Ramesh that he kept his phrase and were given Radhika’s marriage. Radhika comes there with Prateik after their marriage. Purva is Vedant’s bride and smiles.


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