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Pankhudi inquires as to whether she can do the tests. He says alright. Pankhudi tests the blood test and eats the paper which she got printed and gets the printed, says it is your and your Vedant’s cry time. Purva converses with Vedant and says she has nourishment and medication. She says child is kicking and playing sports. Vedant says he will be foodie. Ramesh sees her talking and grinning and tells that he don’t care for her grin. He says Pankhudi’s arrangement will be effective. Sanju says she is my Pankhudi. Purva comes to room while conversing with him and says she is heading off to Nani’s space to get something. Vedant says he will bring. Purva says she will go.

Rahul goes to Nani’s home and rings the ringer. He calls Pankhudi and asks are you not at home. Pankhudi requests that he utilize his brain. Rahul says I came to get my wallet which I overlooked yesterday. Pankhudi requests that he take the additional key which she held under the pot. Rahul says alright. Pankhudi requests that he hold the pot back. Rahul gets the key and opens the entryway. He supposes his wallet must be here and scans for his wallet. Purva gets the keys from her handbag and attempts the keys. She opens the entryway. Rahul gets his wallet from behind the couch. He is going to get up and conceals seeing Purva. Purva doesn’t see him and thinks Pankhudi finished the house so well alongside the work. Her jug tumbles down. She picks her jug and keeps it in her sack. Rahul covers up. Purva thinks to get her stuff before Vedant calls him. She goes to room and hears the entryway sound. She asks who is here? Rahul keeps the keys and leave. Purva thinks Pankhudi is valiant to remain alone in the huge house.

Pankhudi takes a gander at the reports and says Vedant will fall on the ground seeing the reports. She says you wouldn’t have tackled such entangled case in your whole vocation and that also is of your significant other. She keeps her legs on the table and smiles. Purva brings sewing unit from Nani’s home and offers it to Manjula. She requests that her keep it. Manjula says it is your mom’s thing. Purva says she is giving a mother’s thing to another mother. Manjula keeps it. Purva discloses to her that infant is kicking a ton, however she needs a girl. Manjula says little girls leave. Purva says times are changed and says even children go today. She advises that she needs infant to resemble her Maasi, Pankhudi. Pankhudi says she has put forth a defense which even Vedant’s heartbeat perusing couldn’t understood. She expresses gratitude toward Nani for recounting to her Chakravuy story. She says I conversed with your 4 seniors and found your shortcoming and after that I conversed with your 4 AIDS patients and prepared the sickness for your infant which will break you totally. She goes to Vedant’s lodge and makes a little dog face. He asks what was the deal? She says Di’s report, infant isn’t fine.

Vedant is stunned and checks the reports. Pankhudi makes blameless face and sitting tight for him to get broke. He checks the reports and says this is all untruth. She says when I read it from the outset, I couldn’t accept. Vedant says I checked Purva and she is fine. Pankhudi says Problem is with the child, when you can’t test his heartbeat then you will discover. He asks who has done the test and requests that he call other Pathologist.

Pankhudi says she has done these tests with the goal that no error will occur. Vedant inquires as to for what reason did you do this and says you are playing game once more. Pankhudi says I am not shabby to bring phony reports and says you are stuck previously and not me. She says even I was tragic to consider the to be as the child is identified with me moreover. He holds her hand to check her untruth and tests her heartbeat. Pankhudi supposes I was sitting tight for this minute. Vedant tests her heartbeat and requests that her state once more. Pankhudi says I have taken the blood test genuinely and completed the tests, there is an issue in the infant. He leaves her hand. Pankhudi gets effective to trick him. Vedant sits and breaks down. He checks the reports again and says I am sorry Pankhudi, you are stating truth. Pankhudi grins and says very much done.

Precap: Pankhudi reveals to Vedant that Purva is fine, so implies Rahul is tainted.


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