Raja Beta 4th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dadi acclaims Purva infront of Manjula and says she is religious. Gomti says she is frightened subsequent to remaining in emergency clinic and that is the reason went to sanctuary. Purva comes to Dr. Rima’s lodge. Dr. Rima asks her for what good reason she needs to get premature birth. Purva says yes. Specialist inquires as to why? Purva says she don’t need this infant.

Dr. gets some information about your significant other. Purva says even he don’t need this child. Rima says I do premature birth in two cases, on the off chance that there is a wellbeing hazard or if there is pregnancy entanglement. She says she needs to converse with her significant other. Purva says he is in a flight. Specialist requests that her show reports. Purva says I didn’t have the reports.

Vedant asks Pankhudi to consume Purva’s test reports before anybody sees it. Pankhudi requests that how consume it. Vedant requests that her do anything she desires, tear or consume it. He says I can’t pulverize her reports being her specialist. Pankhudi says alright and goes. Specialist checks Purva and tells that you are fourth month pregnant and it is exceptionally hazardous to prematurely end the infant. She says your wellbeing will be in threat. Purva says I am prepared for the hazard. Dr. Rima says she can’t do her premature birth.

A man meets Purva and says Dr. Rima won’t do your work. Purva says I don’t have any acquaintance with you. Man says I have a specialist who don’t think about your why, what and when and simply needs cash. He asks would you like to dispose of. Sanju is going from that point and sees Purva there. The man calls auto and sits in it. Purva additionally sits in it. Sanju is stunned and thinks where is bhabhi going with this man. He pursues the auto. Specialist discloses to Receptionist that she is continuing for rounds. Secretary gets some information about Purva and tells that she filled her structure wrongly at first. Specialist requests that her demonstrate the structure and checks her name as Purva Vedant Tripathi. Sanju is following Purva, however before long loses the track. He calls Ramesh and tells everything. Ramesh requests that he bring full news.

The man/operator brings Purva to a specialist. The specialist asks Purva to give 30000 Rs and asks her not to stress. Purva goes inside worriedly.

Sanju calls Ramesh and tells that he can’t discover Purva. Ramesh requests that he tell Pankhudi. Dadi stresses for Purva and tells that she is terrified. She asks Manjula to hold the glass topsy turvy on the entryway. Manjula keeps the glass on the entryway. Ramesh says in the event that you have adapted this, at that point figure out how to deal with spouse. He gets some information about the sustenance. Gomti says sustenance is prepared and lets you know was resting.

Purva gets back home and the glass gets kicked inside with her foot. Dadi gets upbeat seeing her and inquires as to whether she is fine. Purva is quiet. Sumiti insults her. Gomti requests Prasad. Purva gives Prasad box to Dadi. Dadi requests that they take Prasad to wash their transgressions. Gomti and Sumiti have Prasad. Dadi asks Purva to rest. Purva goes to her room. Dadi takes a gander at her. Purva goes to her room and cries.

Precap: Pankhudi approaches the doctor where Purva desired premature birth. She demonstrates Purva’s pic and inquires as to whether she came here? Purva is as yet crying taking a gander at infant’s pic.


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