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The Episode starts with Purva coming to hall in a hurry. Gomti asks why is she going for walks? Purva says she walks like this. Vedant comes and asks if she determined it. Gomti asks what they may be searching? Vedant says my cellphone. Gomti goes and hears them. Vedant says shall we go to room and searched it. Sumiti and her husband are consuming kababs questioning it as a potato kabab. Purva comes there and asks them to offer tiffin. Sumiti says it is so tasty and asks her to ask Nani to send greater. Purva says this is Mutton Kabab. Sumiti and her husband tell that they really didn’t recognise. Sumiti asks her no longer to inform all and sundry. Purva says we shall tell Dadi. Vedant tells her that in the event that they tell Dadi then she can get hurt and says there may be a massive records in the back of it. Sumiti and her husband smooth their mouth. She asks her husband now not to inform Amma as she isn’t always cool approximately this component. He asks her to dispose the box first. Sumiti asks him to bring the field and then asks him to dispose it else relax in guest room. Vedant tells that when Dada ji become alive, they used to have mutton once. He tells that they stopped having it given that Dada ji had mannat for his recuperation whilst he were given fine. Purva says Dada loves you so much. Vedant says even Dadi loves me. Purva says we will inform her earlier than everybody else tells her. Vedant says ok.

Sumiti’s husband comes to kitchen. Manjula touches the box and says it is not ours. Dadi comes there and asks what is this sound? She takes the field in her hand. He says it became mutton box. Dadi is stunned and drops the box. She asks who brought it right here? Purva says she added it and was unaware that it isn’t allowed. She apologizes. Dadi scolds Vedant for not telling Purva approximately their house regulations. Ramesh says Amma will no longer forgive you. Vedant says we did a mistake. Gomti says it’s far a sin. Ramesh says Gudali lal is not our blood, what he will inform her. Vedant tells Dadi that Nani had sent it and i advised Purva that it became not allowed, earlier than we ought to take the container, Chacha and Chachi had it already. Dadi tells Vedant that Dada stored mannat for him, and today the house have become inauspicious. Ramesh blames Purva and Vedant calling them outsiders. everybody blame them.

Purva calls Nani. Nani asks if everyone liked Kabab. Purva asks her why did she ship mutton kabab and asks if she doesn’t know that they’re Radha Swamy. Nani says urmi’s husband used to find it irresistible. Purva says they left it lengthy in the past. Nani says she will speak to Urmi. Purva asks her no longer to speak to her now. Gomti asks Sumiti no longer to touch her and says she hated the non vegetarians. Sumiti and her husband inform that they couldn’t determine out the flavor. Ramesh scolds them and says who shall make Amma take into account that she is developing thorns and not roses. Vedant breaks chocochip icecream and says sorry to Dadi. Dadi says i’m able to forgive your mistake, however a wife can by no means bear her husband’s insult as this relation is greater than some other relation. Vedant says even i’ve less family members and my relation is lifeline for me. best you and maa are close to me. Dadi asks Manjula to move. Manjula is going. Vedant apologizes. Dadi asks him to take his icecream and cross.

Raja Beta 5th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Dadi tells that they will do havan to make the house pure. Gomti takes the kababs from the dustbin and says it’s miles the permanent strategy to kick Purva out, and says it is going to be observed in among the puja stuff.

Raja Beta 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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