Raja Beta 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Purva gains cognizance and gets some information about Vedant. Medical attendant says he will come. Purva says I can’t feel my child and requests that her call him. She says I need my significant other at this moment. Other medical caretaker comes. Head attendant says we need to give her infusion. She gives her infusion. Purva swoons taking Vedant’s name. Vedant is in his lodge and is pitiful. Medical attendant comes and tells Purva picked up awareness, yet was not in charge so I gave infusion. She said that she couldn’t feel the infant. She asks her not to stress and says whatever occurred in OT today. Dr. Patel comes and says no one will know. He says I erased every one of the records, you didn’t let me know however I did. He says you instructed me and you are my God for me. Medical attendant says you have improved numerous lives and there is an explanation behind whatever happened today. She says we confide in you and requests that he meet Purva.

Vedant is sad eyes. Ramesh asks Sanju and Rahul to stop and picks Dadi’s call. Dadi tells that Vedant and Purva went out, however haven’t come. She says she has kept puja for child, however foreboding thing occurred. Ramesh says I will send Sanju to emergency clinic. Dadi requests that he send Sanju. Ramesh educates them about abshagun and Purva and Vedant not returning home. Rahul joyfully celebrates. Pankhudi says what Dr. Vedant is doing? Vedant comes to Purva and holds her hand to check her heartbeat. She is oblivious. Vedant says you are fine Purva. Purva opens her eyes and says you have come. She says something isn’t right, we can’t feel our child. She says you gave me anesthesia and says infant may rest and she can’t feel him. Vedant embraces her. She pushes him and inquires as to for what reason are you embracing him, answer me.

Vedant asks Dr. Patel, head medical caretaker and other attendant to go out. Purva asks what was the deal? Vedant says our child is… Purva asks what? Vedant says our infant is no more now and cries. Purva is stunned and says this can’t occur. She says no Vedant and yells. Head medical attendant is sticking out and hears them. Dr. Saxena comes and asks what’s going on? Who is yelling. Head medical attendant says Dr. Vedant will deal with the patient. Purva yells and asks how did this occur? Ward kid comes there hearing her yelling, however head medical caretaker stops him. Purva says I have kept the infant securely and asks how did this occur. She asks what did occur after anesthesia. Vedant says I murdered our infant with my hand after anesthesia. Purva is stunned. Vedant says I am sorry Purva. He says I have murdered him with my hand. Purva cries and says you have finished with your hands. She cries.

Sanju says Vedant has done his life demolished. Ramesh says he did in view of Pankhudi. Pankhudi thinks how to disclose to them that might be Vedant didn’t do. Sanju says he will be the proprietor and she will be the co-proprietor. Rahul requests that her present his entrance. Pankhudi says I figure we will pause. Sanju says Vedant completed a wrongdoing with his hands. Ramesh asks are you cooking something. Pankhudi says I need him to come clean to Dadi. Ramesh says it will be agreeable. Sanju says we will return home. Pankhudi says yes and asks Rahul to hold up here. She supposes she will know subsequent to coming to there. Purva discloses to him that when she requested that he do premature birth, he won’t and when the child wound up significant piece of her life, he grabbed him. Vedant says I have kept him a long way from me likewise and says even I cherished the infant. He says I have murdered my fantasy with my hands and says there is a reason. Purva says I need to know and requests that he tell. Vedant says I can’t tell now. Purva says reveal to me why you have slaughtered our… .and after that says my kid. She says for what reason did you execute my infant. Vedant says he was our child. Purva says only mine and says on the off chance that the child would have been yours, at that point you wouldn’t have executed him. Vedant says child was unwell and can’t be dealt with. He says in the event that he would have conceived, at that point his life would be more awful than death.

Precap: Vedant asks Purva to rebuff him. She says she has only disdain for him..


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