Raja Beta 8th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ramesh asks where did you go? Sanju says we have found and truth turned out. Pankhudi says Di got her premature birth. Ramesh is cheerful and says you both have given the uplifting news. Ramesh says Gudadi lal’s significant other pulverizes his family. Sanju inquires as to whether he will have a peg with him. Ramesh says he will have two pegs. Sanju says bye to Pankhudi and they leave. Pankhudi supposes they are upbeat that Vedant’s infant is dead. Furthermore, I am cheerful that Di didn’t get her premature birth, I will get Vedant soon.

Purva feels remorseful and calls herself as a terrible mother. She keeps on crying. She says why God picked me to get you this world and says she can’t acquire him this world and requests absolution. Primary kabhi batlata nahin… .meri maa plays. Purva supposes she is remaining on such a route from where she can’t push ahead or return. She says I am drained and lost. She says I have only one way, I will make the wisest decision, Vedant says on the off chance that slip-up is mine, at that point I will be rebuff. She kept the dozing pills with her in emergency clinic and takes it out from cabinet.

Vedant is in his lodge. Pankhudi comes there and says you had returned home. Vedant says I returned home. Pankhudi asks did she reveal to you that di went to get her fetus removal. She says Sanju came to think about it, however I told that there may be some issue which she would prefer not to share. Vedant expresses gratitude toward her. She says I am angry at Di for going to get fetus removal denying your platitudes. She says you will be with me and not with her. She says she needs to give him all the joy. She says Di isn’t great and isn’t reasonable for you. She don’t regard you and your expressions. She says I cherish you and care for you. you will be with you. She keeps hand on his shoulder and tells that Purva is with him as he is a specialist and rich too. Vedant holds her hand and inquires as to whether this is correct. He requests that her state once more.

Pankhudi says I cherish you however di adores herself. She says di realizes that she cherishes you whom I adore as well. She says I dislike Di. Vedant leaves her hand and says you said right that Purva isn’t care for you. She considers herself, however don’t contemplate others. She never lies. He says she never light flame in different relations, when she don’t love me then she said she don’t love me and when she adored me then she admitted. He says Purva isn’t egotistical, yet you are narrow minded.

Pankhudi says you don’t have any acquaintance with her reality. Vedant says I came to think about your fact through your heartbeat location and says you are only my better half’s sister and we have no future. He gets some information about him. Pankhudi holds his hand and keeps running behind him. She asks him where are you going? Vedant says I am going my home. Pankhudi says your better half is happening to another person’s child’s mom, your dad and mom despise you. She says we will go from here and fabricate our home and medical clinic. Vedant says the importance of house is harmony and Purva and not you. Pankhudi cries. Purva takes the tablets in her grasp and eats it. She rests on the bed, taking a gander at vedant’s pic. She says sorry for leaving him mid way and couldn’t turn into a decent mother. She says in next birth, we will be as one and after that there will be no past or no error. She guarantees him that she will end up being a decent spouse and will have a decent family.

Precap: Vedant goes to her and says I came to answer for your inquiry. He makes her turn and discovers her endeavors to end it all.


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