Bollywood actor Rajpal Yadav recently returned home after being released from jail.

Rajpal Yadav, who used to entertain prisoners in prison

Due to non-payment of 5 crore loan, he was sentenced to 3 months. Now in an interview given to Zoom, Rajpal Yadav told about the time when he was in jail. He told that he used to talk to prisoners and used to try to understand their problems. The actor said, “I like talking to people. Whenever I go to my village or when I am shooting a movie, I try to understand things around me.”

Rajpal Yadav also told that if anyone thought in jail that this was the end of his life, he would try to motivate him through his creativity. The actor said, “I had understood that if I have to live there, I have to do creative things, which will benefit both me and them I tried my best to make my friends good and in many cultural programs. Part also took place. “

Rajpal Yadav said that, “There was a session called ‘Rajpal’s school’ in jail. I always had the concept of mobile theater with the help of which people can be taught acting, even when I was in jail, I talked And if people were interested, then we used to discuss. I am thinking of taking it to different cities. ” Eventually the actor told that when he came out of jail, he got a good certificate.


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