Rakhi Sawant From Uk Shared Pictures Of Her Husband's House, A Room Full Of Money And A Gun

Bollywood drama queen Rakhi Sawant is once again in the news with her wedding news. Rakhi claims to have married NRI Ritesh. Recently, Rakhi shared a picture of her UK-based house, showing a gun along with notes.

Rakhi Sawant has shared a video of her husband Ritesh’s house from her official Instagram account, in which Rakhi is saying, friends you can see, this is my house in the UK, isn’t it great, I just got out for a walk in the road Yes, I have to walk a lot here, thank you Riteish for this beautiful house, I know what people will say but I do not mind it, I have come here on a honeymoon, my fans are here too Not.

Apart from this, some pictures have also been shared inside the Rakhi house. In these pictures, Rakhi Sawant is showing her UK lifestyle.

Along with these pictures, there is a picture in which bundles of notes are placed above the table, besides a gun is also placed above these notes. Looking at this last picture, it is difficult to say whether this is his house or a stolen picture.

Let us tell you that Rakhi married secretly in Marriott on 28 July. Since then their marriage has remained a mystery. He says he is married to Ritesh, a UK-based NRI who manages Donald Trump. Currently, Rakhi Sawant has gone to the UK to celebrate her honeymoon.


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