Rakhi Sawant Husband Ritesh Talked About Married Life With Him Revealed More Secrets

Bollywood drama queen Rakhi Sawant has been in the news for the past several days due to her marriage and her husband. Nowadays, Rakhi has started living like a married woman, but during this time the question always remained who her husband is and how he looks. Although the husband’s name was revealed, but the husband came in front of the media. But now all the questions have been answered, which were being asked about Rakhi’s husband.

Actually, Rakhi Sawant’s husband has now come in front of the media, but so far her picture has been revealed. Entertainment website Spotboy has interviewed Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh and in this interview, Riteish has answered many questions related to Rakhi and herself. The website has claimed that he has spoken to Rakhi’s husband and that he is a businessman in London.

According to the report, Rakhi’s husband told about how their married life is going and they said that Rakhi is a different kind of person in front of the camera, but she is very good at heart. Taking Rakhi, Ritesh said that he does not want to make any change in Rakhi and Rakhi is God’s blessing for him and neither have I ever seen a woman like him, he is more noble than me.

Also, in the interview, when he was asked why you do not come in front of the camera, he said why should he come in front of the camera and if he does this then what will he get from it and then it will be written more controversially. At the same time, Ritesh is happy with Rakhi and he has no objection to Rakhi doing bold scenes on camera.

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