Bollywood drama Queen Rakhi Sawant always remains in the headlines due to her controversial statements and exploits. Recently, Rakhi surprised everyone with the news of her marriage, now another video of her has come out in which she is telling that she will be going to the UK shift forever.

Rakhi Sawant recently shared a video of her from her official Instagram account, in which she is saying, ‘How are you guys, for so many years I have entertained you, now let’s see our husband going to UK I am, forever, now I don’t give a single hit in the industry.

Further Rakhi says, ‘Twelve Fifteen years we have removed in the industry, after eating a hungry belly salad, by being so beautiful, you have entertained so much, danced, done so much comedy, we are going to my husband, going Would you not give me a blessing, we do not have much money that we will keep playing our songs in all the channels, we are not Ambani bit, you all share our song ‘.

Let me tell you that recently Rakhi Sawant’s song ‘Chappan Churi’ has been released, for which Rakhi Sawant is seen requesting for her promotion.

A few days ago, Rakhi shared a video in which she said that soon she will be performing on the Chappan Churi song with Salman in the opening ceremony of Salman Khan’s show ‘Bigg Boss 13’. Rakhi’s song ‘Chappan Chori’ has been lent by Mandakini Bora.

Rakhi married secretly in a hotel on 28 July. At the launch of the song Chhappan Churi, Rakhi revealed that her husband’s name is Ritesh and that they are the manager of the Donald Trump. How much truth is there in his talk going to UK, it will be known only with time.


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