Raktanchal: After 'Rangbaz' and 'Mirzapur', now this web series story of crime

The eastern part of Uttar Pradesh is called Purvanchal. This area is from Gorakhpur to Bihar border. It has its own peculiarities, but also some evil. Many large criminal have been born in its zone. The story of crime has also made a lot of headlines. From time to time web series were made on this. First came ‘Mirzapur’ and later ‘Rangbaj’. ‘Raktanchal’ is coming now This web series of MX Player will also tell the story of Purvanchal’s crime once.

MX Player has launched a teaser of this web series. The teaser contains a monologue. ‘The war of two Bahubalis shattered Purvanchal. Made it ‘Raktanchal’. The teaser of this web series shows a glimpse of Hulk-C Mirzapur. MX Player has not revealed anything about its release date. However, it is mentioned that the trailer is going to be released soon.

The web series depicts a flourishing crime in Purvanchal in 1980. At the same time, this story has also been shown that what is the connection between crime and politics. Ranchi Diaries fame actress Soundarya Sharma is going to be seen in the web series. The special thing is that the story of the web series is based on the Satya incident. Now to see when the trailer is released?

Earlier in Zee-5’s web series ‘Rangbaz’, the story based on the Satya incident was also shown. It showed the story of Sriprakash Shukla, a criminal who came out of Purvanchal and became famous all over Uttar Pradesh. Sriprakash was accused of conspiring to assassinate the Chief Minister. At the same time, a fictional story is shown in Mirzapur. However, through this story, how crime works in Purvanchal has been decoded. Now to see whose story is shown in ‘Ranchtanchal’?

In India, the effect of lockdown due to coronavirus is being seen. Due to which people sitting in homes are now enjoying Web Series to cut time. Meanwhile, a new web series ‘Patal Lok’ (patal lok) has gained a lot of applause. In this series, the character which has got more discussion in social media is ‘Hammer Tyagi’. India Wave had a special chat with actor Abhishek Banerjee (abhishek banerjee), who plays Hummer Tyagi.

You must have seen the web series ‘Mirzapur’ released in the year 2018. In that web series, the character who stopped everyone’s eyes for the sake of friend was ‘Compounder’. Yes, the same compounder that you also saw in the role of Rajna Rao’s friend ‘Jana’ in the 2018 ‘Stree’ movie. Actor Abhishek Banerjee, who has given his life in every role, is in discussion again since the arrival of the web series ‘Patal Lok’ (patal lok). Abhishek openly talked about the patal lok as well as revealed many of his secrets.
Starts from Kirori Mal in Delhi

Abhishek told that I am a resident of Bengal, father was in CISF. The whole country got a chance to roam. I have lived in Delhi, Madras and Banaras. Later I studied from Delhi. I have also done theater from Delhi’s Kirori Mal College. I did theater for about ten to eleven years, then came to Mumbai in 2009 and came here and got the job of casting director.

Abhishek told that ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’ (once upon a time in Mumbai) was my first movie. He worked as an Associate Casting Director. After that I got an opportunity to cast in ‘The Dirty Picture’. That’s where my career as a casting director started.

According to Abhishek, the hard work of the last ten years is now visible. There was an honesty to my work that I got from my father. Do not let yourself wander. My father Alok Kumar Bandopadhyay is an honest officer, he has also received the President’s Award. Perhaps they have the same effect, so today I am moving forward honestly. My mother was angry with my role (Hammer Tyagi), she said that you got the same role as a slayer. However, the rest of the family is happy.
Nirbhaya’s anger was inside me

On the question of how to play Hammer Tyagi, Abhishek said, when there was a case of Nirbhaya (Nirbhaya case) in Delhi, then every person was angry about which society we live in. We do not have our own sister or any female safe. So somewhere there was that anger in me, and I walk with that anger also, and somewhere, that anger also helped me to play the role of Hammer Tyagi.

Hummer Solitaire, Set and Shooting

On the question of the experience of ‘patal lok’, Abhishek said that it is a big thing for me to work in patal lok. The atmosphere on the set was very pleasant. Some were talking about the story, some were talking about the characters, others were talking about the clothes. I felt as if there was some intense thinking going on the shoot. During the shooting, which character is like, how is his talk, why is he calm, meaning every thing that was wanted in a character in his mind used to be trained.

Mentally, the character of Hammer Tyagi was heavier on me, because my body was leaner, but the character was Hammer Tyagi, it was very challenging for me. So I had to become a Hummer Solitaire from the inside. But, I enjoyed doing this character a lot. Because I am not exactly what this role was. Got a chance to know a new man, got to know his pain. It was fun to discover him.
Abhishek says that my preparation for this role was very different. If I were like Hammer Tyagi, I would probably be in jail. Because such a man cannot live in this society. But, why is Hummer Solitaire like this? I had to know a lot for him. It was also very difficult for me. A man whose sister is raped and is expelled from society. People do not want to let him live, after all, how he became a hammer renunciant was a reason behind it. I just heard and read in the news that people kill, people take big steps. However, when you have done this role, then go and see under what circumstances a person does all this.
The hero who fights his battle is Hamir Tyagi

The character of the hero in Bollywood, height has changed now, in your eyes, who is the hero now? In response to this, Abhishek said, long ago Shah Rukh Khan (shahrukh khan) had said in a program that the real hero is not us, the real hero is the women who go to the office after hitting the local train and then reach home They also do all the work. We or anyone else acting is not a hero. We do our work just like ordinary people. In Hollywood, big actors do small roles and they kill the film. We also try to do our best. I want to thank the viewers who liked me. Because if they had not liked me, perhaps today someone else would have played the role of this Hammer Tyagi.

Asked questions about the film and shooting in Uttar Pradesh (uttar pradesh), Abhishek said, My role shooting in Patal lok (patal lok) was about 30 or 40 days. In which we shot Patal Lok in Chitrakoot, Delhi, Mumbai, Punjab. Uttar Pradesh, I have come before, I had come to Kanpur when Bala was shot here. For Mirzapur web series, he has also shot in Benares and Lucknow (lucknow). Food is eaten a lot in Lucknow. A good place is Uttar Pradesh.
Many movies to come

On the question of future films, Abhishek said, “Helmet, Aankh Michauli, Dostana Two, you will see me in these three films.” To tell the truth, it is the mind to play the character who is associated with the society or its importance is in the scene, that yes this scene is needed in this film. I enjoy the rest of the comedy.

Responding to the allegations of casting while casting director, Abhishek said, “The casting director has always been infamous in our film industry.” Sometimes it is alleged that he eats money, sometimes the word couch is put in front of his name. No one thinks that after so much hard work, we get our casting director done. We find one actor each and then a good movie is produced. For the film Bala, we had chosen Dhirendra Gautam from Kanpur, who has become the brother of Ayushmann Khurrana. We worked very hard for that role. What was needed was to roam in Lucknow, but we did. I just want to tell those who accuse me, you understand my hard work.


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