Ramadan Mubarak 2020 Wishes: How to keep Rosa, Namaz and Iftar in Ramadan: Read everything in detail

The month of Ramadan has special significance for the Muslims in the twelve months of the year. This month is considered to be the month of the prayer of God with restraint and dedication in which every person, while sanctifying his soul, subdivides every action of his worldliness with full readiness and surrenders only in the worship of Allah. The prayer of God in the month of Ramadan is very effective. In this, by restoring the habits of other worldly food, which is called ‘Som’ in Arabic, a man keeps his body subdued as well as reciting alcohol and Namaz keeps referring to Allah again and again by which the soul of man ( Spirit) is clean.

These are instructions

  • Stay fast at home
  • Avoid mass iftar party
  • Prayer not at mosque but at home
  • Make a Quran with a workout
  • Take care of social distancing during worship
  • Open rosa at home
  • Religious meeting will not be held in Pak Ramadan month

Keeping in mind the transition of Kovid-19, no religious or social gathering will be organized during the month of Ramadan. All religious leaders and dignitaries of the community have been informed that no Namaz will be performed in any mosque or Idgah or any other place for prevention of Corona infection, nor iftar party will be organized.

Deputy Commissioner Rai Mahimapat Ray has issued an order in this regard. Since there is more shopping in the shops in this month, there is a possibility of overcrowding in the market. In view of this, a distance of 15 feet between the shopkeepers and as far as possible for the customers to stand in front of the shopkeepers is to remain as close as possible to the distance of 6 feet on the ground. In the same circle, customers will stand in queue and shop.

The use of two-wheeler or four-wheelers will be prohibited unnecessarily in the Ramadan period. In special circumstances, following a physical distance, one person on two wheels and two persons including a driver on four wheels in which one person will sit on the back seat of the driver. It will have to be followed under all circumstances.

Know the required instructions

  • In any case, make sure that communal harmony is not spoiled.
  • Offer prayers in homes for the prevention of infection.
  • The Deputy Commissioner gave the responsibility of monitoring to the Sub-Divisional Officer and Sub-Divisional Police Officer
  • Responsibility to ensure compliance entrusted to all BDOs and SHOs
  • Legitimate action using discretion in special circumstances


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