Rami Marek
Congratulations Rami! – Mike Baker / (c) AMPAS

On the 24th local time, the 91st Academy Awards ceremony was held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, USA, and Rami Marek, who served as Freddie Mercury in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, was awarded a leading actor award. To the actress Lucy Bowinton (a female Mary role loved by Freddie) who was born and raised in the USA under the parents of immigrants from Egypt, who was suffering from their own identity and who developed into relationship with the co-starring in this work The impressed awards speech which the university’s story also touched the full text is as follows.

Rami Marek awarded speech

Oh, God. My mother is coming somewhere in the hall, I love you! I am grateful to all of my family for my family. My father could not see I accomplished such things. However, I think that I am overlooking me (from heaven) now. It is a tremendous moment. I am very grateful to everyone. Everyone who made me stand on this stage, everyone at the Academy, everyone who bet on me in every scene, Graham King , Dennis O’Sullivan (of Producer), Fox of (Production Company) and New Regency Everyone, thank you very much. I might not have been a candidate for the feeling that there is only this person, but it is that it went well well (laugh)?

Thank you, everyone of the Queen. I thank you for making me a small part of your extraordinarily exceptional legacy. I will never forget this kindness. Crew and cast, I love you. You are the same as mine, it is more than that. Without you, I could not get here.

If you tell me when I was small you would think that something like this will happen someday, but the little head of his curly hair will fly away (laugh). The boy was troubled with his own identity and was seeking out who he was. To everyone who is suffering from identity and trying to find their own voice. please listen. We made a movie about a gay man, immigrant, who lived life as himself without getting worse. The fact that I am blessing him and his story with you all tonight is a testament to the fact that we are anxious for these stories.

I am the son of an immigrant from Egypt, I am the first to be an American. My story is now written down here. I can not thank you enough for believing me. Lucy Bowinton, you are the heart of this movie, it’s amazingly talented and I grabbed my heart. Thank you.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” has won four award categories, which is the highest in the Academy Award this year, as well as the leading actor award, the acoustic editing prize, the recording award, the editing prize also shinefully.

The 91st Academy Awards ceremony was held on February 25 (Monday) at 9 pm at WOWOW prime, closed caption broadcasting


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