Ranu Mondal Misbehaved With Media This Time Netizens Lashed Out On Her Attitude

Ranu Mandal, who went viral on the internet overnight by singing the song of Lata Mangeshkar, is once again making headlines on social media. The reason for Ranu’s going viral this time is not his new song but his high level attitude, which is causing anger among people on social media. Recently another video of Ranu Mandal has appeared in which she is behaving quite strangely in front of the media.

A few days ago, a video of Ranu Mandal went viral in which the woman seeking selfie was treated strangely by Ranu Mandal. Now after this, another video of Ranu has come out in which Ranu is awkwardly ignoring the media question. In the video, a reporter asks, are you sure that dreams come true, you have got something in such a big way in life.

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At the time of asking this question, Ranu Mandal was eating popcorn, then when asked the answer, Ranu made a strange appearance and said that nothing was heard. This video of Ranu Mandal is going viral like a fire on social media. People are very surprised to see this changed attitude of Ranu, after which he is being trolled a lot.

A user reacted to this video and wrote, “This is what happens when someone picks them up from the road and makes them star.” Another user wrote, It was best while begging. One user wrote giving advice and should never forget his position.

Let me tell you that a few months ago the first video of Ranu Mandal went viral in which she was singing a song of Lata Mangeshkar sitting at the railway station. People liked this song so much that the video reached everywhere like fire. After this, Himesh Reshammiya offered him the song of his film Teri Meri Kahani, praising Ranu Mandal’s talent. This song which came in Ranu’s voice was also well liked by the people. Now it has to be seen how long the attitude will last instead of Ranu Mandal.


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