Raveena Tandon told the inner truth of Bollywood one after another by tweeting it

The whole country is shocked by the suicide of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Sushant’s death has raised many questions about Bollywood. Many Bollywood stars are also tweeting about the internal problems of the industry and are making clear gestures without saying anything. After Kangana Ranot, Shekhar Kapur, now Raveena Tandon has expressed her anger through social media and has spoken on Bollywood’s ‘dirt’.

Raveena Tandon said through her tweets that there is dirty politics in the industry and has also talked about the career of the actors. Raveena has tweeted several back and forth about the pressure of the industry. He wrote in a tweet, “Mean Girl” is the gang of the industry. There are also camps. Heroes, their girlfriends, journalists and fake media stories ruining their careers have been removed from films. Sometimes careers have been ruined. You have to struggle to keep up, fight back, some survive.

In the next tweet, Raveena Tandon said, ‘When you tell the truth, you are promoted as a liar, a lunatic, a psychotic. Spoon journalists write all over the page and waste all your hard work. I am thankful for all that the industry has given them but the dirty politics of some people makes the mind sour. ‘

In the next tweet from her, Raveena has told about the struggle of industry and said, ‘It can happen to anyone who is born in the industry,’ Insider ‘as I can hear some anchors are shouting insider / outsider Huh. But you fight. The more they tried to suppress me, the faster I flipped back. Dirty politics happens everywhere. But sometimes it is for the good then for the bad. ‘

Raveena did not stop even after this and in the next tweet, she said, ‘I love my industry but yes, the pressure is too much. There are good people here and there are people who do dirty things. There are all kinds of people, but the world becomes like this. One has to walk with the required part, walk repeatedly and hold the head high. Goodnight World. I pray for a better tomorrow. ‘


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