Ravi Kumar Forced To Sell Vegetables Door To Door During Coronavirus Lockdown

A famous comedian-actor of the country has to work selling door to door vegetables to raise his family. The family is going through a financial crisis due to the lockdown. His fans are saddened when this artist’s condition comes to the fore.

The havoc of the corona virus has come to dominate the lives of people so their entire lifestyle has changed. There has been a lot of upheaval in many people’s lives. Famous comedian Ravi Kumar alias Black Ravi has fallen victim to this atmosphere.

Comedian Ravi Kumar told ANI in an interview that the lockdown is applicable across the country due to Corona virus. In such a situation, all the works of cinema have also stopped. He said that the impact of the lockdown was affecting his work badly.

Ravi Kumar says that all his comedy shows have been canceled. The programs he was to be a part of have been canceled. In such a situation, they have no work. There has been a situation of financial crisis. He has a large family and has to take care of his family.

According to Ravi Kumar, who is going through a financial crisis, he opened a shop to sell eggs first to earn money so that the money earned from him could feed his family. According to media reports, the shop did not do much, then later they started selling vegetables.

During the lockdown, comedian Ravi Kumar is working from his two-wheeler to sell vegetables at the doorstep of the people. His family is passing through this. Ravi Kumar has appealed to the people not to give up hope in this bad phase and keep up the spirits.

Ravi Kumar is a famous artist in the Oriya film industry. His shows are also liked by the people of Hindi belt. Ravi Kumar has acted in more than 30 Oriya films. He is also famous for mimicry. Ravi Kumar is selling vegetables as well as making people aware of corona virus. Ravi Kumar’s fans are very sad about the situation.


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