Rina Komatsu
Kaname Nana – (C) “SAMURAI MARATHON 1855” FILM Partners

From the movie ” Samurai Marathon ” (released February 22), the main video image of the scene where kimono figure Kaname Nana is performing brilliant actions has been released.

This work based on the novel “Bakumatari Mirasan Samurai” draws “Ansei excursion (Ansai and Ohashi)”, which is said to be the birth of the Japanese marathon at the end of the Edo period. Komatsu hangs on Snow Princess daughter Katsuaki Itakura, the lord of Annaka playing Hiroshi Hasegawa .

The publicized image is that Snow princess who was taking a break at the banks of the river is attacked by thieves. Snow Prin who was stabbed by the thieves with a cane twisted the arm of the thieves and returned. Snow Princess fought with a small sword to the thief who pulled the sword and pulled out the sword. Defeat the thieves and push the sword against the throat.

Snow princess with artistic talent has a dream of studying painting in Edo and the West. A person with dynamic ability to escape the castle to make that dream come true, aim for Edo by dressing up. In the casting of Snow White it was said that it was necessary to be able to express men ‘s appearance as a man, to express strong autonomy to resist the lord’ s father, and to have persuasive power as a beautiful princess. Komatsu was chosen as a person who simultaneously satisfies these three elements.

This work is a story to hold an excursion for the lord of domination · Katsuaki running over the mountain road of Jurisen (about 58 kilometers) in preparation for the threat of foreign countries approaching. Ken Sato starring . For co – starring, Moriyama Miyuki , Shibata Itaya , Aoki Sakakochi , Takenaka Naoto , Toyokawa Esashi and other gorgeous casts gathered.


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