Rishi Kapoor Neetu Singh Love Story: When Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh became unconscious at the time of marriage

Bollywood veteran actor Rishi Kapoor died today. In just two days, the film industry lost two of its precious actors. Rishi Kapoor died today, ie on Thursday at the age of 67. He took his last breath at HN Reliance Hospital in Mumbai. He was admitted to HN Reliance Hospital in Mumbai on Wednesday due to deteriorating health. His death has caused a big shock to his family and fans. Rishi Kapoor was undergoing cancer treatment for a long time. In this difficult time, his wife Neetu Kapoor supported him. Neetu Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor’s love story has been quite popular.

Rishi Kapoor worked with actress Dimple Kapadia in the film ‘Bobby’. During this film, reports of his and Dimple’s affair were also revealed. There were reports that he fell in love with Dimple but he could never express love due to his father’s fear. After this, in the year 1974, Rishi Kapoor did the film ‘Jahula Insaan’ with Neetu Singh. Neetu was just 14 years old at this time. On the set, the sage used to tease Neetu a lot, causing Neetu Singh to irritate. But this rift between the two slowly turned into love and both fell in love.

Neetu and Rishi date each other. After the release of the film ‘Khel-Khel Me’, discussions of romance started in Rishi and Neetu. Meanwhile, there was a discussion in the industry that Neetu and Rishi can get married soon. Neetu was serious about her relationship with Rishi Kapoor. This was known to his entire family along with Rishi Kapoor. During this time, Raj Kapoor also told him clearly that if he loves Neetu, then get married. Both got married in 1979.

There was a funny incident with both Rishi and Neetu during their marriage. You will be surprised to know that both Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor fainted in their marriage. In fact, Neetu fainted due to her heavy lehenga while Rishi fainted after seeing so much crowd around him. Not only this, Rishi Kapoor was dizzy even before climbing the mare.

Please tell that Neetu and Rishi Kapoor did many films together. In films like ‘Rafu Chakkar’, ‘Doosra Aadmi’, ‘Kabhi Kabhi’, ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’, this couple showed amazing chemistry on screen, which was well liked by the audience.


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